Nov 4, 2017

June Photoshoot

June is our month to take family photos.  The boys don't really like it.  Chris really doesn't enjoy it, but I don't care.  Because getting family photos is important and I'm always so glad I did.  It's great to look back on them and see how the boys have grown and changed.  (And how Chris and I have changed, too.)
These photos were taken by my former student, Kaitlyn.  She is currently a Senior at White River High School.  We went to the high school for the photos and they turned out great.  Kaitlyn also helped out in Colson's Kindergarten class, so that helped Colson feel relaxed and she got some better pictures because of that. 
All of them turned out great.  I am so pleased! 

Enjoying every moment!

Wild Waves

This year, I bought season passes to Wild Waves Theme and Water Park.  It was a good investment and turned into a ton of fun for the boys.  The park is only 20 minutes away.  The best part about it is we can leave when we are tired or it's too crowded and come back another time.  We went a couple of times in June.  Karin took the boys one time and I took them another time.  Not all of the rides were open yet, but there were enough to keep them busy and having fun.  However, Colson was disappointed that he couldn't ride the wooden roller coaster because he wasn't tall enough.  There were tears, but he got over it.

Fun times! 
Enjoying every moment!

Oct 31, 2017

Dentist Time...With Auntie!

Dentist appointments are no big deal for these kids.  They enjoy going. 
It was even more fun this time because Auntie was working and she took x-rays and cleaned Cannon's teeth.  It was nice to see her and hear all of the compliments from other workers and the doctor about her.  :)

No cavities.  Keep brushing and flossing! 
Enjoying every moment.

Oct 29, 2017


The end of the school year always comes with a lot of excitement.  It also brings a lot of exhaustion.  This year, we had to pack up our rooms totally because the school was getting fresh paint, new carpets and tile.  So there was a lot of work that went into these last days of school, and beyond. 

So our annual trip to Lake Roosevelt couldn't have come at a better time.  We were ready to get out of town and be at the lake.  We love being there.  We love the smells of the trees and weather. We love the views.  We love the walks.  We love the beaches.  We love playing in the water.  We love being with family.  We love not having any routine and just having to relax.

This tall, 9 1/2 year old enjoys his time here, too.  He can't wait to get on the water. 

Everyone, including the dog, love the beach.  Harley does a lot of running around, but this trip, it was pretty warm out so she hung out in the shade a lot! 

We took the Auntie's out on the boat for a ride.  It was a beautiful evening.  Chris took us down to the waterfall.  It had a been a few years since we had been there.  So amazing.  So peaceful.  The boys got off the boat and played a little.  We just sat and enjoyed. 

More beach time.  That kayak has got a lot of use here.  It was a great investment.  This was the first time for us at this particular beach.  It's a favorite.  There's a great tree for shade, but also plenty of sun.  Also, there is a little cove to play in for the boys. 

These pictures were from yet another day out.  We are at our favorite spot. 

Good times recharging our batteries. 

Enjoying every moment.

Jul 15, 2017

Last Week of School

Last week of school!  This is always an exciting time of year for all of the kids, and the teachers, too! This week was packed full of awards assemblies, BBQ, field day and Walk a Thon.  

I was out at field day with Cannon's class and was able to watch here and there.  

BBQ hot dog for lunch!

Happy that it's almost the end of the school year!

Colson enjoying himself with his classmates during field day.

Colson and Preston.

Colson's team must have won!

Reading awards and posters for Cannon!

Achievement awards for both boys!

Walk a Thon.  Each lap = 1 bracelet

Signing year books with all of the 3rd graders.

Traditional last day photos.  I love that I started this tradition!  They are both getting so big.

Love this week and here comes summer!

Enjoying every moment.