Mar 27, 2015

This Week

This week marked the end of swimming lessons for the boys.  They both did a great job and improved throughout the month. They'll be ready for the pool in Arizona!

This week Chris was in Pasco from Monday through Thursday.  The new plant is getting close to being finished and they are working on putting in the saws and tables.  There is still a ton to do.

This week Colson received his progress report from school and is sure was a good one!  He has come so far in 7 months.

This week we enjoyed on day of 70+ degree weather and other day of near 70 degree weather.  It sure felt good to feel the warmth!  The kids loved being outside.

This week Colson had his 4 year old well visit at the doctor.  He did a nice job for her and is in great health.  He had to have three shots and was not happy about that.  The good news is he doesn't have to have shots again until he turns 11.

This week was a busy week for me with an early RTI meeting, a late staff meeting and a very late Pro Teach class, swimming two days, doctor visit and all without my partner in crime to help.  I am tired.
This week we had a half day on Friday for planning and preparation for conferences next week.  I LOVED having a half day to work on things around the classroom.

This week I am watching a lot of basketball.  I love 'March Madness' and the NCAA tourney.

This week the boys played well together with Legos and toys.  It's great to listen to them talk and interact together.

This week we ate left over spaghetti three times.

This week I started to lay out clothes for our trip to Arizona!  Looking forward to a vacation and to being in the warm weather!

Enjoying every moment!

Mar 22, 2015

Moving Dirt

The equipment has been at the property all weekend clearing and leveling the land.  It sure looks different...and much bigger...after the trees and brush have been cleared and the mounds of dirt have been taken down.

Chris took the boys out to the property in the morning and they enjoyed watching the equipment. Each of them got to ride on the bulldozer.  Colson said he didn't realize that it would be that bumpy! I picked up Colson about noon.  Cannon and Chris stayed all day long and Cannon got to run the bulldozer all by himself!  He was pretty excited.

Enjoying every moment.

Mar 21, 2015

Third Grade Concert

It was concert time for the third graders this week!  We shared our evening with the 4/5 choir and everyone put on a wonderful and beautiful performance.  Our concert this year was dedicated to Ava and her fight with cancer.  Ava was there, along with about 30 family members!

The students all wore their AVA STRONG FIGHT shirts...or something green (since green is Ava's favorite color and the color of kidney cancer.)

It was an exciting night for the students as they were able to showcase their recorder skills, some great singing, some body percussion and most importantly, the message to stay strong and never give up.  Our music teacher did a fabulous job preparing the students for this concert!

Amazing, amazing night.

Enjoying every moment.  

Mar 15, 2015

Party Time!

Colson decided where he wanted his birthday party on the day of Cannon's birthday party in October. He wanted to have it at the same place Cannon had his:  Peak Gymnastics.  I asked Colson three different times over the next few months what he would like to do for his birthday party.  And every single time he said he wanted to go to Peak Gymnastics.  So that made it easy for me.

What I love about the party at Peak is the kids get to play for an hour and I don't have to do any games or keep them entertained.  They can jump on the trampoline, go down the sides, play in the foam pit, swing on the ropes, play on the balance beams, tumble on the floor and just have fun.

Then we have a half an hour to eat cake, open gifts and play some more if time allows.

There is no clean up. It's simple and easy.  Everyone is happy and tired.

And then we go home!

Love it!

Colson had a great time and he had a lot of friends there.  Five of his classmates from preschool came, too.

Cannon on the rope swing...

The birthday boy!

Colson, Griffin and Cannon showing us "four" fingers...Colson's age!

Colson having fun, bouncing and swinging...

Cannon was an expert at flipping.  He did the flips over and many that I couldn't watch because it was making me sick!  

Colson had a ton of fun playing with daddy!

Great balance...

A few cake pictures...

It was wonderful just to watch the "fun" happening!

Enjoying every moment!

Happy Birthday, Colson!

Today is Colson's birthday and we are so lucky that he is part of our lives!

He is such a cutie.
He's smart and wants to learn.
He gives us a run for our money.
He loves books.
He enjoys playing with Legos, cars and trucks.
He often fights with his brother.
He doesn't like to be wrong.
He loves to eat ham and eggs.
He is quiet and follows directions at school.
He is NOT quiet and does NOT follow directions at home.
He has a wonderful smile.
He is stubborn.
He likes to snuggle on the couch.
He enjoys playing Minecraft.
He likes to sing and dance and run around like crazy.
He always wants to be first.
He often screams and yells when he is upset.
He doesn't want to nap anymore even though he needs it some days.
He is great at brushing his teeth.
He is independent, yet loves to play with others, too.

Colson brings a lot of spunk...and our life but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We love him so much!

Enjoying every moment.

Mar 14, 2015

Important Events...

A couple of important events happened for Colson this week.

First, he finally rode a bike without training wheels!  He has been so ready for this but has always refused.  (a bit bull headed!)  He rode a glider bike for the last two years and can balance well, but just didn't want to transition to a regular bike because it was "too hard" to pedal.

Finally, he got on the bike one evening at home after some coaxing from Chris.  He needed some help to get started but then rode pretty well on his own.  He struggled to turn the bike, but the next time he rode a couple days later, he was doing much better.  Practice!  Proud of Colson for finally accomplishing this.

(It was getting dark out and the pictures are terribly grainy and dark.)

The second big event may not seem like a big deal to us, but to Colson, it was.  Tuesday, he got the snack box from school.  This means he has to bring snack on Thursday.  (I'm trying to figure out what on earth I have on hand for 16 preschoolers.)  But we decided to fill baggies of cheerios and raisins. Colson loved using the measuring cup to scoop out just the right amount of cheerios.  He was a great helper and he couldn't wait to take the box back to school to share!

It's the little things, right!  What a good reminder.

Enjoying every moment.

Pledge and Flag Raising

Every morning at school, Mr. Byrnes does announcements and invites a student or tow (or three or four) to say the pledge.  This is a big deal for all students from first through fifth grade.  One morning last week, Mr. Byrnes announced the names of the students saying the pledge and one of them was Cannon.  I quickly made it down to the office to get a few pictures.

The students also get to help Mr. Bonn put up the flag.  Cannon has got to help Mr. Bonn do this before on his own last year but it's still a special privilege.

What a great way to start the morning for Cannon!  

Enjoying every moment!