Jan 29, 2015


It's Colson's turn to sign up for an activity!  We've been talking about getting him into gymnastics and we finally found a class that fit with our schedule!

Colson was very excited and could barely control his excitement.  He was shy at first and didn't want to go out on the floor, but once he did, he was fine.  It's amazing to watch him follow directions and listen to the coach.  (I'm so glad he listens to his teachers and coach, since he doesn't listen very well at home!)

The class stretched--which was so cute!  Then they worked on the small balance beams.  They had to balance walking forward and stepping over foam blocks.  They walked backwards, which was very hard.  Next, they had to side step the length of another beam.   Good challenges for all of them!

The class also got to work on their forward rolls, jump and swing on the bar and practice how to do a cartwheel (hilarious!).

It was so great to watch!  Hooray to Colson! Proud of him!

Enjoying every moment!

Jan 26, 2015

A Little Riding

We had a beautiful Sunday.  The sun was shining and the temperature got up to the mid 60's.  It was wonderful!

Chris had planned to take Cannon up to the property to go riding on their motorcycles.  Cannon was very excited, even though he hasn't been riding in months.  I was planning on staying home with Colson, but ended up going at the last minute because Colson wanted to go.  I'm glad we did.

Colson loved riding his bike and big wheel up and down the street there.  Not one car came by.  I enjoyed walking (and running trying to keep up) with him.  He played the entire time.  Cannon struggled some with his motorcycle.  It had been sitting all winter and really needed some TLC before riding.  But he was able to get on and ride up and down the rode a bunch of times.  It was good for him to practice doing something simple, before riding on the rough ground.

Chris rode a few different times around the property and then out under the power lines.  I'm sure he will be sore from using muscles he hasn't used in a long time.

Chris and Cannon came home and worked on Cannon's carburetor, changed the oil and tried to work on making it shift easier.  Chris ended up making another shifter that he welded on.  Now Cannon can not only shift up, but back down.  Cannon rode around the yard and the neighbors yard for quite awhile today.

Enjoying every moment!

Jan 24, 2015

A Few Random Shots

Random shots from the last week or so.  That seems to be how things are going....kind of random. Not in a bad way.  But it just is.  The days are sneaking away and they are good days, but I'm finding pictures and blogging are at the bottom of the list.  I'm not sure if that is something I am okay with or not.  At least for now, it's just the way it is.


Cannon and Colson having pillow fights.  This happens more and more.  My poor pillows won't last long.  

The closer DC is to you, the better.  He wants to be sleeping ON you and will stay all night if allowed.   

Our recent sing and read.  Cannon is up front...in gray.  

My class, taking pictures and making a video for their classmate Ava (picture of her on the Smartboard) who is battling cancer.  This was their funny faces!

Our awesome music teacher decorated our hallway to celebrate the Seahawks heading back to the Superbowl.  

Enjoying every moment of this randomness right now.

Jan 19, 2015

Husky Basketball

We were again blessed with tickets to the Husky Men's basketball game from the Jet boys at Jet Chevrolet.  When Chris called to ask if we wanted the tickets, the answer was of course, Yes!

We headed to the stadium after the Seahawks unbelievable comeback win.  The boys were excited to go to the game, too.  We were looking forward to spending a night out as a family.  We enjoyed a great walk to the area.  All of us loved looking around the team store.  We followed around Harry, the Husky mascot until the boys could say hi and get a picture.  We had dinner, which was not healthy at all, sitting in our seats, passing back and forth the hotdog, pretzel, and water.  We munched on Kettle Corn the rest of the night.  We cheered on the team to a victory, after being down by 10 points at halftime.  It was a great night for us all.    

Enjoying every moment.


7:30 pm and we are up in the boys room reading.  Tonight, there were some impromptu photos taken before we started our books.  Too funny!

Love our family!  Love my Ross boys!  The three CR's.
Enjoying every moment!

Jan 16, 2015


Happy that it's Friday.
Happy the week was a good one.
Happy there was less fighting and more getting along from Cannon and Colson.
Happy to watch college basketball.
Happy boys, who love to play Mine Craft together.
Happy that we have a three day weekend coming up.
Happy the Seahawks are playing this weekend.
Happy to sit and relax.
Happy to catch up on DVR'd TV shows.
Happy to have Talia pick up the kids two days a week and feed them dinner.
Happy to read lots of books with the boys.
Happy to surf Pinterest for things I may never use.
Happy that Cannon read 111 words per minute on his fluency assessment.  (1st grade goal: 30)
Happy that Colson loves to write his name, numbers and letters.
Happy for recorded movies to watch.
Happy that I have a great team at school to work with.
Happy to go to the Husky vs Oregon basketball game Sunday night.  (Thanks Jet boys!)
Happy to read a new magazine.
Happy to all sit together for dinner.
Happy for laughter.
Happy that the boys love to draw.
Happy for pictures to look at.
Happy for friendships.

Enjoying every moment.

Jan 10, 2015


New toys for the boys.  (like they need more after Christmas!)

They had a gift card from Aunt Evelyn to Toys R Us and wanted to go pick something out today.  So we did.

The boys wandered through the store, starting on one side and made their way to the other side and then back again.  It's funny to watch them wander the isles, looking and touching things. It's interesting to see which isles they skip and which toys they spend more time 'playing' with.

Finally, they chose a Lego set that was a truck, trailer and boat.  They also got to pick another item and chose what I call, "marble roll-a-way."  Those two things kept them busy for the rest of the day and evening.  They spent time putting together the Lego sets.  They both worked on the truck. Cannon put together the trailer on his own and Colson put together the boat by himself.  All of us have worked on building interesting contraptions to roll the marbles down.  Great creative work!

Thanks Aunt Evelyn for thinking of the kids and making their day!

Enjoying every moment.