Aug 29, 2015

New Team!

We are back to school and working officially with my new team!  It's been fun getting to know them these past couple of weeks and then spending almost every day together this week!

One of the activities we had to do on our first day back was to show the new staff some great spots around the area.  We stopped at Plateau Espresso, where the school orders coffee from in the mornings.

Wally's Drive In is a must in Buckley and their shakes are so good!

We drove into Sweet Necessities in Enumclaw to buy some of the best hand made carmels around.

We finished our tour with lunch at Hop Jacks in Bonney Lake.  We all had salads!  They were so good and hit the spot!

Noelle is our brand new teacher.  This is her first year with her own classroom after subbing last year. She is organized and on top of things and will keep us on the right track this year.  She also brings great energy, a positive attitude and a lot of fresh ideas.

Jen is new to Mt. Meadow but has been teaching for 12 years.  She is a high energy and has a ton of knowledge to bring to our team.  She is confident, positive and loves to laugh!

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 28, 2015

Life Continues On...

What happened to the week?!
Well, I went officially back to work and it was crazy busy!  All of the sudden it is Friday!
However, life does go on and there is a life outside of work (even though sometimes it doesn't feel like that!)

A busy day out means a quick nap in the car for Colson.  He has dropped naps as of last spring but at times, still needs a little cat nap to make it through the day.  He's so darn cute sleeping!

After a day at school with me, I took the boys to Menchies for a treat.  They were very good and deserved it!  And it was soooo very good!

This kid and his reading.  Love how he is enjoying a series and love that I have to almost pull the book out of his hands so he can go to sleep!  He's finished 7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books this summer and is working on number 8!

Colson has been into drawing lately and has done a great job at many different things.  On this day, he was following some drawing books and Chris was helping him.  It was great to watch them work together!

Chris and I got a nice motor cycle ride in one day this week.  It had been quite awhile since we've been out together and it was great to enjoy the weather, take a ride around our beautiful area and then enjoy a relaxing dinner, just the two of us!

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 22, 2015


One more time to Pasco for the family.  It was an impromptu trip, leaving right from Lake Roosevelt instead of going home. Chris needed to spend a half a day working on the tables he installed to finalize things.  So the boys got to spend another night in a hotel room, spend another morning swimming in the pool and eat at the hotel restaurant a couple more times.

Taking advantage of the great weather, nice view (which can't be seen 
in the photo) and being together.  

Cannon and Colson spent time in the pool on Tuesday evening and then 
again on Wednesday morning.  Colson jumped in for the first time and
was a little scared when he went under the water, which he didn't expect.  But 
it didn't phase him because he jumped again and again and again!  

Another night in a hotel room, sharing a big, comfy bed.  They stayed up a bit
later than usual and Colson was up early.  Cannon did sleep in a tiny bit.

After breakfast, the boys and I went for a walk.  We checked out the marina, found 
a few trailers to look at and enjoyed the view of the Columbia as well as the artwork 
along the walking path.  

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 21, 2015

Back to the Lake

Hello Lake Roosevelt!

The boys headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's house while Chris was working and I was at a retreat for work.  They love being at the lake and always have so much fun!  (So do we!)  This was our last big "hoorah" before we get back into the routine of school.

The boys had fun at Kay and Karen's.  They checked out their garden and picked some onions and tomatoes.  We also spent one evening at their house for dinner and enjoyed yummy hamburgers and of course, an ice cream cone for dessert!

So many wildfires have been burning in our state this summer.  This one started Saturday from lightning and spread quickly.  We watched planes, big and small, dump water and fire retardant all day.  Many structures were burned.

A part of every day (except for one day) was spent at the beach.  The water was down so their was plenty of beaches to choose from and lots of running room.  We had a brief sand fight after Colson picked up sand to throw at us during a series melt down.  He ran up and down beach screaming.  No one actually got hit with the sand, but it was fun to throw!

 A nice picture of the family!  Karin came down for the weekend and hung out with us.  It's always nice to see her!

Cannon and Colson with Kay and Karen.  Colson didn't really want to be sitting for a picture. (Wasn't his idea and we know he is stubborn!)

Both boys did quite a bit of drawing.  Cannon spent a lot of time on one big picture for Chris and I. He gave it to use for our anniversary.  LOVE it!

Another beach picture, but this time with the floaties.  We all enjoyed floating around on them and the boys spent many hours hooking up ropes to them, pulling people around, floating, etc.

Here we are on the beach.  This was our last day.  We had a huge amount of beach to ourselves and it was amazing to relax, look out at the water, watch the boys play, walk & explore and just be together. Great day!

Colson became a fish this trip.  He's figured out he can go anywhere and do anything with his life jacket on.  He swam and floated and played and jumped and rode on the tube!  The life of a 4 year old!

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 11, 2015


The title of the post tells it all....Silverwood!

The boys were so excited, as were the adults, to spend a day at Silverwood.  Cannon had been before with Karin and I two years ago. We were looking forward to going back, this time with Colson and Grandpa & Grandma Anderson.

We arrived about 30 minutes before the park opened (11:00 am) and didn't pull out of the parking lot until 9:10 pm!  We were all tired, but the day went by fast.

Get ready...there are a ton of pictures!

The three of us are getting ready to ride the roller coaster Tremors.  It's a pretty intense coaster that hits 60+ mph.  Cannon was a trooper, but said he didn't want to do it again!

A Dumbo ride with Colson!  He loved all of the kids rides and enjoyed how the elephant went up and down.

 The Log Ride!  We waited about 45 minutes for this ride.  Booo!  It was fun and the kids LOVED it.

Another fun 'kid' ride that the boys enjoyed.  It was nice they could do many of them together.

Off to the water park.  It was packed!  Cannon immediately went to play in the HUGE kid area.  He climbed and explored and finally went down the water slide!

Another 'hit' at the water park was the wave pool.  Cannon spent most of his time here.  He loved the waves and was in the water forever!  Colson liked being in the water, but was more cautious.  

Back at the park after leaving the water park, we hit the train and had fun on the 30 minute ride.

This is a ride Cannon really wanted to go on.  It was very popular and they waited in line for a LONG time.  Cannon rode with Grandma Kathy and Colson rode with Colson.  They loved squirting water at others and tried to stay dry themselves.  Grandma got the most wet!

Another fun little kid roller coaster ride.  The boys rode this ride a few times.

We hit almost all of the kid rides and it was nice that the lines for them weren't too long.  I love how the boys are excited for all the rides.  They had so much fun!

We watched a magic/illusion show in the evening.  The boys shared a caramel apple and it was funny to watch them try and eat the apple at the same time!  (It was very good!)

We had caramel apple and ice cream for dinner!  This cup of ice cream was a "single scoop" and it was HUGE!  Cannon, Colson and I shared this and we couldn't finish it!  But what we did eat was so yummy!  (Cotton candy on the bottom, chocolate chip mint in the middle and cookie dough on top!)

This was another ride that Cannon was intrigued with and finally got in line for it.  Grandpa did it with him.  It was right up Cannon's alley with the controls and they all got to bump into each other!

$1.00 for 18 shots.  Colson really wanted to try this and he worked hard to shoot the red lights. Cannon also got in on the action.

Our final ride of the night, right as the park was closing.

Lots and lots of fun.  Lots of great memories.
Enjoying every moment.

Aug 10, 2015

Random Shots from Vacation

I took about 250 pictures while we were on our family vacation!  There are many random photos that, of course, tell their own little stories.  Here are just some...

Our first day, after we got all set up at the KOA, we drove into Port Angeles for a walk and to let the boys play on the beach.  They got their shorts partially wet, but had so much fun.  It was also on this trip into town that Cannon lost one of his flip flops over the edge of the railing into the water.  Oops. I'm glad I packed another pair!

We went on a 6 mile bike ride down the trail, along the water in Port Angeles.  This was Colson's first LONG bike ride on his big bike and he did great!  However, he was pretty tired by the end.  It took some encouragement for him to keep going.

The boys rented these bikes at the KOA.  They enjoyed riding up and down the roads and all over. Colson's didn't go as fast and really wanted to rent another one that would go faster!

One of our stops was to the hobby store.  While there were many items there that the boys (and Chris) wanted to buy, we only left with a couple of airplanes.  

I read and read and read on this trip.  I finished three books while we were gone.  It's nice to have a lot of time to read rather than doing other things that always come up while I'm at home.  Cannon also spent some time reading and finished a book on this trip, too!  

Chris and I rented movies three nights in a row.  We've never done that before.  We watched two good movies and one terrible one!

What do you know...the sprint boats were racing in Port Angeles while we were there.  We didn't go to the race, however we got to see the boats up close on Friday night while on display in town.  The boys liked looking at them and even got some signed pictures.  

Port Ludlow was our stop for Saturday morning where we looked through a Farmer's Market, listened to live music, ate lunch, walked the docks looking at boats, enjoyed the scenery of Port Ludlow marina, took in the fire trucks, learned about what to do if there is a fire in our house, etc.  Before we left, we got to watch the fire crew cut open a car. It was very interesting for the boys to watch! 

On the way home Saturday, we took our time and stopped at Fort Warden in Port Townsend.  We've never been there with the kids and they loved (of course) being by the water, running from the waves and getting sandy.  It was great to watch them.  There were a ton of fishermen and we watched one catch a salmon that they got to see up close.  

The boys love playing with Legos.  They took a bag with them on this trip and built trucks and trailers and had all sorts of fun with their creations!

Enjoying every  moment!