Jun 22, 2016

Webb's Slough

Back to the sprint boat races again this year.
Last year, Chris, Karin and the boys went to the sprint boat races for the first time. They really enjoyed it so we bought tickets early this year and they talked me into going, too!

Webb's Slough is in the middle of the palouse.  It's a gorgeous setting.  The Webb Family took part of their land and built a track for racing and a tiered seating area.  I was impressed.  Unfortunately, the weather for the day was rain.  We did have a great morning before it started to rain and even had our sweatshirts off when the sun peaked through.  The rain, when it did come, wasn't bad.  We lasted until about 2:30 and watched most of the qualifying, which started about 10:00.

We all had hot chocolate in the morning!

Of course I brought my book and read when I could!

The highlight of the day for Cannon and Chris was a helicopter ride!  This was a first for both of them.  They had about a 6-8 minute flight over the track and around the area.  It was a thrill for Cannon and Chris.  What a great experience for them!

Fun times!  Lots of great memories made!

Enjoying every moment!

Jun 21, 2016

First Trip of the Summer

Our first trip of the summer is usually to the lake.  We look forward to time there because it's always so easy, so relaxing, so nice to see family.  The weather looked a little iffy and we even debated NOT taking the boat.  But we did and boy are we glad!  The sun was out every day except one.  We spent three great afternoons on the lake and found a great new spot to play.  It has a nice beach and then a small lagoon on the back side of the the beach where the kids played.  Perfect for everyone!

If you look close, you can see Colson laying in the sun trying to warm up after a swim in the lake!

Cannon loves the kayak.  This was money well spent last year!  He was working on his own anchor system for the kayak.  

Karin bought us all yummy suckers (that lasted forever!) and mom sent this picture to me!  

Sand was everywhere. Colson had to strip down each day to clean off the sand before getting back on the boat.  

We also went to the fun pizza place in Wilbur for dinner one night.  Great place.  Great atmosphere. And we got to watch the M's win!

Karin, Chris and Travis contemplating....

Building.  Both Cannon and Colson were working on this, as was Chris.  They can build four or five different things that move with a battery.

The boys also spent some time drawing.  The top one is Colson's.  It's a tractor pull and with people in the stands cheering!  The bottom one is Cannon's. He was drawing dump trucks and labeling them with the engine type, gear ratio, etc.

I went for a walk every day and saw many deer, as always, around here.

Enjoying every moment.

Jun 20, 2016

First Few Days of Summer Break

We have enjoyed the first few days of Summer break, even though it doesn't really feel like summer break yet!

Raspberries are ripe and we have been picking at the farmers house a few times.  I have two great helpers.  We've filled up a few bowls and have made lots of jam, eaten a ton of raspberries and put some bags in the freezer for smoothies!

Colson is loving card games.  His two favorites are Go Fish and Uno.  We play multiple times a day!

We went bowling for the first time this summer.  The kids are signed up for free summer bowling so we can go daily if we wanted.  This trip there was a school field trip.  We happened to get the only open lane left and then got to enjoy the bowling with the lights off and neon lights!  It made bowling even more fun than it usually is.  Cannon got a spare and a strike and bowled his best game the second game!

The kids often like to help me cook.  Cannon likes to make pancakes in the morning and they both helped making jam.  We've also made a cake (which we topped with smashed raspberries!)  I like having the help in the kitchen!

Colson saved his money to buy a new Lego set.  All four of us sat at the kitchen counter and sorted, counted and rolled Colson's coins.  We made a trip to Target so he could pick out what he wanted.  It was a truck towing a camping trailer.  Pretty cool!  They both had fun putting it together!

Enjoying every moment!

Jun 15, 2016

School's Out For Summer!

We made it through another school year!  It's hard to believe it's June already.  It still doesn't seem real, yet, at least for me.  Maybe it will after another few days off!

Colson actually finished up his last day the week before ours.  He had a great year and loved every minute of his time in preschool at Mountain Meadow.  He had great teachers in Ms. Gina and Ms. Teresa!

Cannon also had a great year and will be hanging out with me in 3rd grade next year!  (not in my class!)  He enjoyed his teacher, Mrs. Smith.  Cannon learned a ton and I'm so impressed with his perseverance through the new learning and hard things.  

Saying goodbye to the buses on the last day!  Goodbye for the summer!  See you in September!
(And all of the teachers cheer after the last bus pulls out!)

Enjoying every moment.

Jun 7, 2016

Hot Weather = Boat on the Water

We're into another span of warm weather.  It's been in the 90's for the last few days.  That's hot for around here!  I love the warm weather!  But I don't like how warm it gets in our house.  Thank goodness for a couple of cheap, window air conditioners that help to cool things off upstairs!  

One way to beat the heat is to head out on the water.  That is just what we did Sunday.  We put the boat in at Point Defiance (and then had to quickly change the water pump at the dock...oops!)  Then we decided to head south to Cutts Island.  We have been by there before, but never stopped.  And we knew the kids would like the beach to play with their toys.  It was an exceptionally low tide (-3.1) so there was a lot of beach to explore.  

Cannon and I took a hike around the small island, which was a pretty cool place.  

The views were awesome.  Nothing a camera could do justice!  

The boys found a rope swing, too!

We headed back towards home and ended up in Gig Harbor.  The Maritime Fest was going on and after cruising the bay, we were lucky enough to get a spot at the dock.  There were food tents set up, music playing and things for the kids to do.  They went down a huge slide a few times and touched sea life.  Of course we got ice cream and ate that while walking through the car show.  They also had the annual blessing of the boats.

It was a great day!
Enjoying every moment.

Jun 6, 2016

Colson's Award Ceremony

At Mt. Meadow, each grade level has an awards assembly where every student receives an award. Colson has his ceremony last week.  Cannon and I attended and it was fun to see the excitement on all of the kids faces.

They got to walk down the "red carpet" to receive their award!

Colson with his teacher, Ms. Teresa.

Colson and Preston are buddies.  They both received an award for Drawing and Writing.

Enjoying every moment!

A New Season of Baseball

Cannon played baseball again this year through the White River Community Activities Program.  It's a very laid back league, focusing on learning the rules of baseball, improving skills and of course, having fun!  Many of the kids played together last year and we have the same coach, too.  We are so thankful for that.  

This year the kids voted on the team name:  The Fireballs!

Cannon worked hard all season.  He had ups and downs but improved a lot.  He turned a double play! He made some good stops defensively.  He ran hard and listened the base coaches.  He hit the ball a well.  And the highlight of the season was when he hit a triple and a home run in the same game!

Enjoying every moment!