May 25, 2015

Last Day of Preschool and Concert

Thursday was Colson's last day of preschool!  Where has the year gone?

Colson has learned so much this year and matured.  In school, he was always a rule follower and a model student.  Over the year however, he did blossom with his academics, as well as his confidence. He has more confidence in is academic abilities and also in how outgoing he is.  At the beginning of the year, he was very shy and didn't speak much.  Now, he often shares and is very verbal.  (however he is still shy!)  Academically, he knows almost all of the letters and many sounds, can count (with a couple of reminders) to 100, can write his name and colors beautifully.

Colson's last day was spent up at Mud Mountain Dam.  Grandma Kathy was here this week and took Colson on the field trip.  They had a good time and enjoyed a magician and then a lot of play time. Colson was very intrigued with the magician and told me every detail when he got home.  Grandma Kathy said Colson was very content and happy and just played and played.  They were one of the last few of the preschool group to leave the park!

Colson with Ms. Marilyn, one of his teachers. 

The end of the year concert/graduation was held that same night in the auditorium at White River Middle School.  The preschoolers had a number of songs to sing and then they received their awards. Colson has been singing the songs to me for weeks and we were looking forward to hearing them all and seeing the movements that went with.  Colson wasn't too excited about going, but warmed up when we got there and he saw his teachers.  All of the preschoolers stayed with their parents until just before it was time to sing.  When they called everyone up, Colson refused to go, started to cry and held on for dear life.  I was able to get him Ms. Ann, but he never sang one word of any song.  Sigh. He did stop crying and I saw a couple of smiles.  Oh well.  That is Colson.

Before the concert...

During the concert...

After the concert...

Overall, what a great year of preschool for Colson!  We are so proud of him!

Enjoying every moment.  

May 18, 2015



...I am cleaning because the house really needs it.

...watching a lot of DVR'd shows.

...Chris has been working on his new Harley, changing over all of the parts from his old bike to the new one.

...the boys have been driving the golf cart as much as they can.

...I am finishing my National Board re-certification.

...Colson is building amazing and creating things with Legos.

...Cannon is reading a Black Lagoon chapter book.

...We have been spending a lot of time outside playing soccer and baseball.

...Chris is actually staying home this week and not going to Pasco.  It will be the first time he is home for the week in over two months.

...Grandma Kathy is coming over this week to visit and help out with Colson's field trip!

...We are looking forward to the long weekend and will be going camping at Mayfield.

...The laundry is finally getting caught up-folded and put away.

...We are loving the weather and this coming week, every day will be above 70 degrees!

...Colson will be enjoying his last week of school!  Cannon is counting down the days until June 11th, which is our last day of school.

Enjoying every moment.

May 17, 2015

A Night at the Barnyard

"A Night at the Barnyard"

The first graders sang their hearts out Wednesday night at their concert.  It was a fun event with a lot of great songs.  We were totally entertained!  They sang great, had some great moves to go with the songs and played instruments.  Miss Boyle is one amazing music teacher!

Cannon was excited but very nervous and it showed on stage.  Only Chris and I were focused on him and could tell how scared he was.  He sang, but barely.  He did the moves, but was a second off.  He did do a great job playing instruments, however!  When I asked Miss Boyle about it, she reassured me that Cannon does a fabulous job in class and knows all of the words, the moves and can clap on beat!  Whew!  

Enjoying every moment. 

May 11, 2015

Father-Son Day

Quality time together.
Chris and Cannon.
These are the moments they will remember.

Chris and Cannon spent the day together last weekend.  They went on a motorcycle ride to Ellensburg to take in a motorcycle show.  There was also live music and food, plus some other great entertainment.

The ride over was a bit chilly.  Cannon said his upper body was cold. By the time they got to Ellensburg, it was warmer.  Cannon really liked listening to the live band.  He was enjoying the music and watching the musicians.  They ate some yummy, but not good for you, food, which is a must when you are at a fun event like this.

The ride home was warmer and they came home over Chinook Pass.  Chris said it was beautiful and the mountain was out.  There was still a lot of snow so Cannon wanted some pictures with the snow! They stopped at Whistlin' Jack's for ice cream and then continued on  home.

It was a great day together!

Enjoying every moment.


Colson is sure growing up and becoming a sweet, independent boy.  He's always had a sweet side...but a whole lot of sour, too!  He's opinionated, whiny, and wants what he wants and NOW. However as he is growing up, he's learning to be patient, how to ask for things politely and we are seeing a lot more 'sweet' and less 'sour.' 

Saying hello to the horses at Jessica's house. 

An amazing cup of hot chocolate with lots of whip cream....and sprinkles!  Look at that smile!  

Swinging on his new swing that he got from Grandpa and Grandma Anderson.  

Munching on a cupcake.  He doesn't look very happy.  But he was!  

Love this kid so much.  He loves to play with Legos and can build anything with instructions on his own.  He also is very creative and likes to build things from his mind.  He loves playing Minecraft on his tablet.  He is becoming a good drawer and is very good at coloring. He can count like crazy and knows almost all of his letters.  He learned how to ride a two wheel bike and now loves to ride everywhere!  It's awesome watching him grow and mature!

Enjoying every moment.

Cinco de Mayo

We always look forward to the Cinco de Mayo party at Joe and Alana's!

Big fire.
Great food.
Potato Gun.
Stories and laughing.
Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.
Lots of fun.

Cannon shooting the potato gun...with his baseball helmet on!  (We just bought the helmet before we came to the party so Cannon was wearing it!)  

Colson didn't like the noise the potato gun made.  (It really wasn't that loud!)

Doing a bit of drawing and coloring throughout the night.  

Feeding the chickens.  

Cannon loved taking care of Bob and Jessica's dog.  Cannon took her for a walk, fed her and sat with her.  He was very responsible!

Hitting the pinata!  Lots of candy was stuffed inside!  This was so fun for the boys!

Enjoying every moment.

May 3, 2015

April Photos

April has come and gone!  It was a busy month with a lot going on.  Chris was gone the entire month, except for weekends.  We enjoyed  spring break in Arizona.  The sun has started to come out more, getting everyone outside.  We are on the count-down towards the end of the year.

Here are a few photos from April:

A morning picture of the boys!  Happy, even though its early!

 Chris' view from his hotel room in Pasco.

Leaving San Diego.  It was a good two days.

I loved seeing all of the mountains out on my flight home!

Colson in Sunday school.  He loves it and is always happy and smiling.  (He's in the back with the black sweatshirt, holding a paper.)

Chris loaded up again on a Sunday night, ready to head to Pasco for the week.

Colson riding his bike (with no training wheels!) and showing off his new helmet!

Enjoying every moment.