Jul 20, 2014

And Even More From Yellowstone

Here are some more miscellaneous photos from our trip.

We took a long hike and the boys were TIRED!  We stopped a few times 
and got some great pictures of the boys.  Love them so much!

 I love taking shadow pictures!  Usually Chris isn't in them,
so this one is great!

Another walk to see some more geysers.  Beautiful day.
Amazing areas. I am just in awe of what is happening under the earth 
to create these fascinating features above ground. 

There are spots along the river in Yellowstone where people stop to picnic and swim, 
especially on hot days.  We stopped at one and really enjoyed being in the water.  
Cannon found some friends to play with and didn't want to leave.  Colson had so much fun, too.  

KOA's are wonderful because they always have so much to do for families and kids.  
One of the activities both Cannon and Colson loved was playing putt putt golf.  I
 was surprised that Colson stuck with it the entire 18 holes.  These are the kinds of 
simple things that I love!

Enjoying every moment!

More From Yellowstone

I took close to 500 pictures on our trip to Yellowstone! I have gone through and deleted the ones that were blurry or not good or duplicates.  But I still have quite a few pictures to share.  So here are some of those pictures along with a little info about each one...

At the KOA we stayed at, they offered $1 scoops of ice cream.  Cannon had bubble gum (I think) but I do remember that his tongue and lips turned blue!  

We spent one day driving the north loop in Yellowstone.  We stopped at these falls and 
continued on enjoying the view of the canyon.  It was on this drive where we saw
a black bear!  

Cannon and Colson both love eating s'mores.  Cannon became an expert
at making his marshmallow golden brown.  Colson just loves eating his!

More ice cream!  We walked around North Yellowstone one afternoon and ended up in little shop to get some ice cream.  It was very good!  Cannon's cone was very huge, but he ate it all...right down to the last drip running off of his hand!  And Colson thought it was pretty cool that he got a little part of a cone with his ice cream!

The boys and in in front of the Grand Tetons.  The drive south through this 
National Park was extraordinary.  

There are more pictures....but those will be for a later date!

Enjoying every moment!

Jul 19, 2014

Yellowstone Bear World

Towards the end of our trip, we took a drive further south and into southern Idaho for a visit to Bear World. Bear World is a drive through wildlife park but also has many other activities that are kid friendly.  Cannon and Colson needed a day where they could participate in activities that they loved, instead of just driving around Yellowstone and looking at all of the amazing (to us adults) places.

So off we went, 65 miles south of where we were staying.  Two and a half hours later...after hitting construction in two different areas and being stopped for close to an hour in one spot...we finally made it! Ugh!  The kids were troopers, though and we were all glad to get out of the car.

This place was pretty cool.  We drove through the park first and loved seeing all of the different kinds of wildlife close up. We saw mountain goats, bison, deer, elk, moose, wolves, and of course, bears!

They also have a great petting zoo where everyone can walk through and pet many animals.  The boys tried to pet the chickens, however they didn't really want anything to do with them.  They did find 6 eggs in the chicken coop.  We all got to feed a the goats and deer.  That was pretty cool.  There were two baby deer, still with their spots, that we could see but not touch.  They were so small and very cute.

The park also has 5 small amusement park rides.  They are all in one area and the boys just went from ride to ride to ride, over and over.  They loved it and so did we!  The boys talked about the rides for days afterward.

Another amazing thing we did was take a guided tour through the wildlife park.  We rode in a big, open truck/van, where we stood up in the back.  We learned a lot about the animals from our guide and got to feed the deer, elk and bears.  Feeding the bears was the best.  They would all start walking towards the truck when they saw it and would sit up and put their paws in the air trying to get you to throw pieces of bread at them.  Some would put their paws on the sides of the truck to get closer and we could throw pieces of bread right into their mouths.  Amazing.

What a great day!  We all loved the experience and had a lot of fun.

Enjoying every moment!

Jul 15, 2014

Old Faithful

Another area we had to go to while in Yellowstone was Old Faithful.  This geyser is the world's most famous geyser and was named for it's consistency.  It erupts between 18-21 times a day.

We learned a lot of great information from the museum at the Visitor's Center.  They have wonderful displays and an excellent kids area.

While there, we were lucky enough to see the Beehive Geyser go off.  This geyser erupts only once every 24-36 hours and boy was it a site.  The sound of the geyser was awesome and you could hear the force of the 80+ feet of water.  It was amazing! I wish we were closer but it was still cool.  (even cooler than Old Faithful!)

There are many hikes around the area, some shorter and easier, some longer and more difficult.  We walked a quick .5 mile look to see some other areas.  If the boys were older and able, we would have spent more time hiking around.  Next time!

Enjoying every moment.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Our first road trip through Yellowstone was north to Mammoth Hot Springs.  We immediately were taken with how beautiful the park is.  It was a wonderful drive.  The change in landscape is so amazing...from green trees and grasses with meandering rivers to the white, orange and brown terraced area where tons of minerals are deposited each day.  Approximately 750,000 gallons of hot water flows through this spot daily forcing rapid changes on the land.

Enjoying every moment.

Jul 13, 2014

Colson's Pictures

Not very often, but once in awhile, the boys will get to use my phone and play a game or look at pictures. I remember giving Colson my phone on one of our drives through Yellowstone.  Later, I found the pictures that he took!

Too funny!

Enjoying every moment!


Cannon FINALLY lost his first tooth that has been wiggly for a couple of months!

Actually, Auntie Karin had to help pull it out!  Better her than me, although I did try a number of times. However, Auntie twisted and turned it, made it bleed and then pulled it out!

The tooth was so ready to come out but still hanging on!

We were on our first day of vacation, spending the day in St. Regis, Montana. It was the 4th of July!  It will be hard to forget Cannon losing his first tooth!  The tooth fairy even made it to Montana....in the motorhome...to leave Cannon a few $1 coins, a pack of gum, some Montana candy and a bracelet.

Finally, it's out!  Hooray!

What great memories!

Enjoying every moment.