Apr 16, 2015

My (School) Kiddos

When you spend 6 1/2 hours a day with a group of students, they become 'your kids' very quickly.  At this time of year, we are like family and they are like brother and sister.  They are each unique, quirky, silly and annoying...all rolled into one.  I am the same.  That is why we get along so well!

This week was very busy at school.  We had three days of SBAC (state) testing and everyone is tired! They all worked hard and did a good job.  I am proud of them!  I have a big art project planned for tomorrow morning.  They deserve it!

The excitement for the week was when Ava stopped by for a surprise visit!  What a treat for us and it was just what the class needed.  We talked and shared with Ava about all of the "news" that's been going on in each other's lives....Christian just became a big brother again. Jackson went on a surprise trip to Disneyland. JJ crashed and banged up his knee.  Ava shared about looking at puppies and reading books.  I love that they talk and share and nothing comes up about chemo or cancer or hospitals!

The kids working hard on thier SBAC tests.   This was just the ELA (English Language Arts) tests which encompasses reading, writing and listening.  Math is coming next month.

We took a lot of breaks during testing...they just needed and wanted to get up and moving.  We played thumb wars, arm wrestled, played tag outside, played silly games in the room and ate a lot of snacks.  You have to make three full days of testing bearable.  I also handed out smarties, gum, tictacs and mints while testing.

Enjoying every moment!

Apr 14, 2015

Arizona Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our week here in Arizona.

So good for the soul to just relax and be together.

Walking down the arroyo.  We did this (or rode bikes) quite a few times!

Hello walking feet!  

Pool.  Sun.  Lounge Chair.  Book.  What more could a girl ask for?!

Ice cream!  We all enjoyed a yummy cone!

A motorcycle ride to wash the bike.  The Arizona weather is amazing!

An impromptu picture of Colson and I while on a walk one morning. 

The boys enjoyed some fun while at Easter brunch.  

Cannon relaxing a bit.

We took the boys to miniature golf one day.  It was much harder than they thought and they each had more than one melt down!

Hanging out in the hot tub one evening.

The boys and grandma checking out things on her phone!

Chris and I stopped at a cool restaurant on our way back from Sedona.  It was in Superstition, just outside of Apache Junction.  The walls were entirely covered in $1 bills! 

Chris took mom for a ride...her first time!  It took a bit of coaxing, but she's glad she went!

We've got a good game a cards going on here!

Colson checking out the saguaro cactus!

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 12, 2015


Twice a day.
Every day.

That is what the boys did and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Cannon has become a little fish, swimming from one end to the other, diving for things on the bottom, jumping off the side, doing hand stands, and pulling Colson everywhere on the floatie.

Last year, Colson spent most of his pool time sitting on the steps playing with water toys.  This year was a 180 degree change.  He was in the water all of the time, hanging on to the edge and kicking, splashing and blowing bubbles.  He spent a lot of time floating on the floatie or on the noodle.  He learned to swim on his own with the noodle, kicking and paddling his arms.  We have to keep an close eye on him because he will swim right into the deep end on his own!

We have enjoyed the laid back, relaxed days of this vacation....watching the boys play, enjoying the sun and taking advantage of the little things that mean the most!

Enjoying every moment.

Hello Sedona

Chris and I were blessed with time to take an overnight trip up to Sedona.  Chris rode his motorcycle down and we wanted to take advantage of that!  Sedona is a place we had never been and wanted to see the beauty of the red rocks.

It was a trip well worth it!  There is nothing like seeing the red rocks in person and the pictures don't do the beautiful scenery justice.

We went up Tuesday and stayed at a hotel in Oak Creek, right before Sedona.  We had a nice dinner and a short walk before heading back to the room.  The next morning, we got up early and headed out to explore. We stopped a few times to take pictures, did some hiking, and explored many roads as we took in Chimney Rock, Cathedral Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, Bell Rock and many more.

Our big adventure was the hike up to Cathedral Rock.  We traversed some steep rocks that made me a bit nervous, but it was well worth it.

We are already talking about going back next year and taking the boys to do some hiking and take a jeep tour!

So. Much. Fun.

Enjoying every moment.

Mar 27, 2015

This Week

This week marked the end of swimming lessons for the boys.  They both did a great job and improved throughout the month. They'll be ready for the pool in Arizona!

This week Chris was in Pasco from Monday through Thursday.  The new plant is getting close to being finished and they are working on putting in the saws and tables.  There is still a ton to do.

This week Colson received his progress report from school and is sure was a good one!  He has come so far in 7 months.

This week we enjoyed on day of 70+ degree weather and other day of near 70 degree weather.  It sure felt good to feel the warmth!  The kids loved being outside.

This week Colson had his 4 year old well visit at the doctor.  He did a nice job for her and is in great health.  He had to have three shots and was not happy about that.  The good news is he doesn't have to have shots again until he turns 11.

This week was a busy week for me with an early RTI meeting, a late staff meeting and a very late Pro Teach class, swimming two days, doctor visit and all without my partner in crime to help.  I am tired.
This week we had a half day on Friday for planning and preparation for conferences next week.  I LOVED having a half day to work on things around the classroom.

This week I am watching a lot of basketball.  I love 'March Madness' and the NCAA tourney.

This week the boys played well together with Legos and toys.  It's great to listen to them talk and interact together.

This week we ate left over spaghetti three times.

This week I started to lay out clothes for our trip to Arizona!  Looking forward to a vacation and to being in the warm weather!

Enjoying every moment!

Mar 22, 2015

Moving Dirt

The equipment has been at the property all weekend clearing and leveling the land.  It sure looks different...and much bigger...after the trees and brush have been cleared and the mounds of dirt have been taken down.

Chris took the boys out to the property in the morning and they enjoyed watching the equipment. Each of them got to ride on the bulldozer.  Colson said he didn't realize that it would be that bumpy! I picked up Colson about noon.  Cannon and Chris stayed all day long and Cannon got to run the bulldozer all by himself!  He was pretty excited.

Enjoying every moment.

Mar 21, 2015

Third Grade Concert

It was concert time for the third graders this week!  We shared our evening with the 4/5 choir and everyone put on a wonderful and beautiful performance.  Our concert this year was dedicated to Ava and her fight with cancer.  Ava was there, along with about 30 family members!

The students all wore their AVA STRONG FIGHT shirts...or something green (since green is Ava's favorite color and the color of kidney cancer.)

It was an exciting night for the students as they were able to showcase their recorder skills, some great singing, some body percussion and most importantly, the message to stay strong and never give up.  Our music teacher did a fabulous job preparing the students for this concert!

Amazing, amazing night.

Enjoying every moment.