May 21, 2016

A Few Miscellaneous Photos

The library is a favorite place of ours.  So many great books at our fingertips!  I've brought home a couple of bags full in the last few weeks.  Many for the boys, (mostly Colson).  Some are for school. A few for me.  Piles of books make me smile!

Cannon is reading the third Harry Potter.  It's great to discuss it with him!

Colson is still on a roll with his reading...working every night on his sounds, words, sentences and stories.  It's been exciting to watch his growth!

The rose bush is full of roses and it's so pretty!  Colson and Grandma Kathy cut some to bring in the house.  There are still so many.  This picture doesn't do the roses justice.

Raspberries are on sale and we've been eating them like candy.  Today is the last day of the sale....I'm going back for more!

The boys must have been hungry.  They pulled down the basket of miscellaneous food and started to eat a little bit of everything!

Enjoying every moment.

May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

It was a great Mother's Day!  
Friday, I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day Tea with Cannon in his classroom.  They had poems to read, and a wonderful song they sang.  We ate muffins and juice and Cannon gave me his gift, a beautiful flower drawing that I must frame!  I also received a nice place mat and note from him, too.  

Colson has a special package for me as well on Friday when we got home.

On Sunday, the boys made me breakfast, with Chris' help.  Colson had everything organized in his mind the night before, asking me what I wanted to eat.  He and Grandma Kathy made the fruit salad Saturday.  Cannon helped with the eggs and made the toast.  It was so sweet and so yummy!  Love them!

It was wonderful to have mom and dad here this year for Mother's Day.  We decided to head down to the Olympia Farmers Market.  We started the day off with hot chocolate and coffee at a local coffee shop next to the market.

I got a few pictures of myself with the boys.

It was great to walk through the market.  We looked at everything and bought some fruit.  I love all of the beautiful displays.  Cannon and Colson liked the free samples of jelly, apples, pears and honey. Of course, they also found the lavender vendor and smelled almost everything she had for sale!  

The boys got a delicious treat from one of the bakery vendors.

Both Cannon and Colson enjoyed the playground at Percival Landing.

We walked south down the docks, looking at boats, enjoying the views of the capital in the distance and the waterway next to us.  There were wooden boats on the city docks so we looked at those and the boys got to board a 60 foot, 1961 boat.  They LOVED it and were still talking about it before bedtime.
Also, there were more vendors to walk through, which we weren't expecting. We stopped and had kettle corn and relaxed while the boys played for the second time on the toys.

There were a couple of street performers during the day and we caught two acts.  The first one was a magician that had a very good show for both the kids and adults.  The second one, below, was a humorous young man who could do a lot of cool things, ending with juggling fire sticks.  Both Cannon and Colson were enthralled.

We stopped at the property after coming back from Olympia.  It was nice to show mom and dad the progress that has been made and walk the property lines.
Then we finally made it home for a bit of relaxation before dinner.  Mom put a pork roast in the oven, and we set out green salad, the left over fruit salad and rice.  It was so very good!  And Colson helped Grandma dip strawberries in chocolate.  Those were great for dessert!  

We had a wonderful day together as a family and that is what it is all about.  While I love and cherish the cards and special gifts, it's about spending time together that means the most.  I enjoyed the day and it was full of great things for everyone.  Lots of memories!

Enjoying every moment.

Working Hard

We have been working hard at the Hood Canal to get it ready to put on the market.  Chris has spent a lot of time there taking down the old mobile and working through the mess that has created.  We have gone up the last two Saturday's to work on clearing those piles.  We made some dump runs, took metal to a recycling place, brought home a load of steel and have burned a lot of the wood that was up there.  I also talked Chris into cutting down some of the trees off the hillside to get the view of canal back.  We are nearly done and the place will go up for sale with the hopes of selling this summer.  Fingers crossed.

Here is a (kind of) before picture.  The piles were actually a lot bigger.  Chris had burnt a lot before this photo was taken and there are also a couple piles that can't be seen.  

A somewhat clean photo of me....

And a picture of all of our dirty faces.  It really doesn't do us justice.  We. Were. Dirty.

Cannon was just hanging out in this picture in the bucket of the excavator.  He has been doing a great job helping out and running the piece of equipment.  It's nice that when Chris had to take the truck to the dump or do something else, Cannon could hop on and finish the work that Chris was doing!

Here is an after picture.  There is just a small pile of ashes that need to be cleaned up.  Then Chris has to level off some areas and clean up some brush.  It's looking good!

Here is a photo of a submarine flanked by two Navy ships.  It's a pretty amazing sight.  
This is also a before picture of before Chris cut down some of the trees.  

And an after picture of when the trees are down.  There are still some that need to be cut down on the right side.  Next time!

It's been a lot of hard work.  Chris has done a lot.  Sebastian helped take down the mobile.  The boys have helped a lot.  My dad came and spent the day yesterday helping.  It's amazing what another set or two of hands does.  Things go twice as fast.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Enjoying every moment.

May 7, 2016

Cannon's Concert

Last week was Cannon's 2nd grade music concert.  They only have one a year so it's a big deal.  They classes perform in the large auditorium at the high school.  Cannon was excited for the concert and his favorite song was, Spring Spring Spring.  He told us all of the names of the songs they would be singing on the ride there.

You could tell Cannon was nervous, which is totally normal.  He looked very handsome dressed up.  I proud of him for taking things like this seriously.

Cannon with his music teacher, Mrs. Leppenan. She is amazing and Cannon loves her!

Enjoying every moment!

Apr 24, 2016


We are living life.  Routines are what we thrive on, but we love having times where there is nothing planned and we get to make our own choices.  Spring is here and we are enjoying some warmer weather.  Spring also means that we are getting closer to the end of the school year and we all can't wait for that!

Until then, here are some pictures from our 'life.'

Traffic in a small town caused by the dairy cows crossing the street.

The boys helped me pull weeds and haul them to the side yard.  They also helped put the weed and feed down.

Sunny, warm weather meant ice cream!  Why not eat it naked?!  Colson didn't think there was anything wrong with that!

We often see The Truss Company trucks on the road.  Here was one loaded down!

Laundry.  Never ending.  But it is what it is.  Everyone knows where to go if they can't find something in their drawers!

This was Cannon's creation.  He wanted peanut butter, jelly and chocolate chips on the heal!

Colson playing at the library while I grabbed some books.  

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 17, 2016

More From Arizona!

We had a lot of fun while on vacation in Arizona.  Mostly, it was relaxing.  The extend of the plans for most days was to go to the pool.  I read, and finished 4 books!  The boys played and swam and played and swam.  Chris sat in the sun.  It was a perfect trip.  

Colson loves puzzles and Grandma had some for him to put together.  He ended up putting together 4 total and then taking them apart and putting them together over and over again!  

Cannon graduated to Grandma's bike.  He loved riding around the neighborhood and down the arroyo.  I loved walking with him, taking in the sights and the warm weather.

Mom and I went and had pedicures.  We did this last year, too.  I think this may be a tradition.  One well worth it!  Relaxing!

A few games of Go Fish before bed time!

Colson and Cannon spent some time coloring a sheet from Auntie's coloring book.  They both worked very hard on their pages and I am totally impressed by how well they each did!  Masterpieces!

Beautiful flowering cactus.  Love the landscaping around here.

Tired boy.  This happens every once in awhile, after a longish trip.

Cannon with his new golf clubs.  Grandma is going to have to give him some lessons.  Cannon was sad not to be able to bring the clubs home with us on the plane.  They are coming back with Grandpa and Grandma in their car.

Good times!
Enjoying every moment.

Apr 16, 2016

Arizona Bike Week

Arizona Bike Week happened to be at the same time we were visiting for Spring Break.  Bike Week is in the Phoenix area so Chris, Karin and I got away for two days to check things out.  It wasn't the same in a car, however!  It would have been nice to be on a bike and take part in some of the rides that were planned.

We saw a Harley drill team who performed some good maneuvers.  I know it's hard to see in this picture.  

We had a good time walking up and down every isle, checking things out, trying things on, buying some things and passing on many things.  Karin was too funny in these old fashioned goggles!

Some motocross riders put on a great show jumping their bikes and doing tricks.  It was cool to be so close.  They do some amazing stunts!

We watched both bands that played on the first night of Bike Week.  Blackberry Smoke played first and they were great.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played next.  They were good too...and have been around forever!  We didn't stay to hear all of their set.

We were tired, but sure did have a good time.

Enjoying every moment.