Jul 28, 2014

Let's Ride

Chris and I were lucky enough to have an afternoon free of kids so we could head out for a motorcycle ride. It was a beautiful day, in the low 80's and perfect for cruising.  We headed to Poulsbo first and had lunch looking out over Liberty Bay.  It was nice to go out to eat together, let alone be out without kids!  Lunch was delicious.  We then walked around Poulsbo for a short time, checking out some new and old shops.  From Poulsbo, we rode the short distance to Kingston and hopped on the ferry.  What a wonderful day for a ferry boat ride on the Puget sound.  There were many boats out and we could see Mount Rainier to the south and Mount Baker to the north.  We ended up in Edmonds, stopped for ice cream there and then headed back home.  So wonderful!

Thanks to Granny Joy, who had Cannon for the weekend and to Claire for watching Colson while we were gone!

Enjoying every moment.

Jul 27, 2014

Lake Washington

Oh, how lucky are we.  Saturday, we were able to spend the afternoon out on Greg and Brenda's pontoon boat.  We cruised around Lake Washington in the 80 degree weather, enjoying every single bit of it.  I loved taking in all of the scenery.  We sure do live in a beautiful place.

Colson enjoyed the being on the water, loved looking out at the other boats and airplanes, and played a lot with his trucks and trailers.  He even took quite a few pictures...many of himself!  (Cannon spent the weekend at Granny Joy's, so that is why he isn't with us.)

Forced relaxation.  Much needed.

Enjoying every moment!

Soccer Camp

Cannon asked to go to soccer camp this summer. It was similar to basketball camp in that it was Monday through Thursday for 2 1/2 hours each morning.  Cannon really enjoyed himself and said he loved his coaches.  He explained some of the things he learned each day (like kicking with the "inside, outside, or laces" of his shoes).  He really loved playing in the rain!  The second day was pretty rainy...like downpour type of rain.  They did go to the gym for awhile but the best part Cannon said was being out in the rain.  He was soaked when camp was over that day!

I'm glad he enjoyed himself and is learning!

Enjoying every moment!

Jul 24, 2014

Loving Summer

Summer really is the best.
I am able to slow down and breathe after a hectic school year.
It's the best because I get to be home and be a mom full time.

I love being able to let the kids sleep in and wake whenever they want.
I love not having a schedule or routine.
The boys love being at home and playing, with no time frame.
I enjoy tackling some cleaning and organizing projects.
I am able to catch up on documenting some pictures and turning our blog into a book.
Cannon enjoys not having school!
The boys ride their bikes on every dry day.
I have time to read, and read a lot.
I don't have to make any lunches.

Summer is relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating.
It's needed.
It's wonderful.

Enjoying every moment.


Jul 22, 2014

Boating....on the Pontoon!

Last Friday we were able to enjoy a few hours on the neighbors new pontoon boat.  They took us up to Lake Tapps and we cruised around, munching on some snacks and enjoying the views.  Cannon and Colson absolutely loved it.  They loved the room on the boat, sat in every seat, ran around and just had fun!  They both got to drive and Cannon actually spent quite a bit of time driving.  I think Cannon may be hired to drive more often for Greg!  It was fun to look around at all of the houses on the lake and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Rainier.  What a perfect Friday evening!  Thanks neighbors!

Enjoying every moment!

Jul 20, 2014

And Even More From Yellowstone

Here are some more miscellaneous photos from our trip.

We took a long hike and the boys were TIRED!  We stopped a few times 
and got some great pictures of the boys.  Love them so much!

 I love taking shadow pictures!  Usually Chris isn't in them,
so this one is great!

Another walk to see some more geysers.  Beautiful day.
Amazing areas. I am just in awe of what is happening under the earth 
to create these fascinating features above ground. 

There are spots along the river in Yellowstone where people stop to picnic and swim, 
especially on hot days.  We stopped at one and really enjoyed being in the water.  
Cannon found some friends to play with and didn't want to leave.  Colson had so much fun, too.  

KOA's are wonderful because they always have so much to do for families and kids.  
One of the activities both Cannon and Colson loved was playing putt putt golf.  I
 was surprised that Colson stuck with it the entire 18 holes.  These are the kinds of 
simple things that I love!

Enjoying every moment!

More From Yellowstone

I took close to 500 pictures on our trip to Yellowstone! I have gone through and deleted the ones that were blurry or not good or duplicates.  But I still have quite a few pictures to share.  So here are some of those pictures along with a little info about each one...

At the KOA we stayed at, they offered $1 scoops of ice cream.  Cannon had bubble gum (I think) but I do remember that his tongue and lips turned blue!  

We spent one day driving the north loop in Yellowstone.  We stopped at these falls and 
continued on enjoying the view of the canyon.  It was on this drive where we saw
a black bear!  

Cannon and Colson both love eating s'mores.  Cannon became an expert
at making his marshmallow golden brown.  Colson just loves eating his!

More ice cream!  We walked around North Yellowstone one afternoon and ended up in little shop to get some ice cream.  It was very good!  Cannon's cone was very huge, but he ate it all...right down to the last drip running off of his hand!  And Colson thought it was pretty cool that he got a little part of a cone with his ice cream!

The boys and in in front of the Grand Tetons.  The drive south through this 
National Park was extraordinary.  

There are more pictures....but those will be for a later date!

Enjoying every moment!