Jul 15, 2017

Last Week of School

Last week of school!  This is always an exciting time of year for all of the kids, and the teachers, too! This week was packed full of awards assemblies, BBQ, field day and Walk a Thon.  

I was out at field day with Cannon's class and was able to watch here and there.  

BBQ hot dog for lunch!

Happy that it's almost the end of the school year!

Colson enjoying himself with his classmates during field day.

Colson and Preston.

Colson's team must have won!

Reading awards and posters for Cannon!

Achievement awards for both boys!

Walk a Thon.  Each lap = 1 bracelet

Signing year books with all of the 3rd graders.

Traditional last day photos.  I love that I started this tradition!  They are both getting so big.

Love this week and here comes summer!

Enjoying every moment.

Jul 13, 2017

Father's Day Ride

We headed east of the mountains for a day trip to Beverly to ride.  Colson had been asking to ride in the sand so we made that happen.  It had probably been 5 years since we had been there.

Cannon had his dirt bike, which is a challenge to ride in the sand.  Colson had his quad.  Both spent some time riding on the little track and around the trails.  They did well and built confidence.  Then Cannon rode the Blaster when we went out into the deeper sand.  I was so impressed with how Cannon did on the Blaster.  I guess I haven't seen him ride it much.  We practiced going up and down hills.

It was fun to get out and ride.  The boys did great.  We had a nice family day.  Simple.  Fun.

Enjoying every moment!

Jun 19, 2017

Working and Playing at the Property

We are finally getting some more things accomplished at the new property. Some of those accomplishments can't be seen, like water samples, septic design, site plans, etc.  Chris has also been working on taking down some of the sage brush that has taken over the land, as well as clearing out some of the branches and stumps.  He's also worked on putting in some trails so we can ride around the property on the quads or motorcycles.  We've spent some time riding the trails around the area and that has been fun.  The boys have been riding more than I have but it's great to be out there and enjoying the land.

Enjoying every moment!

Jun 18, 2017

Kindergarten Parents Day

This year the kindergarten classes combined their Mother's and Father's Day celebrations into one Parent's Day.

The classes sang songs for us and served us food.  Chris and I each had a nice place mat made by Colson and we were able to snag some quality time and a few snuggles at school.

We got to finish up with some time on the playground.  Colson has been working on swinging on his own and is doing a great job!  However, it was awesome to have dad there to give some BIG pushes.

All of these little things mean the world to us!
Enjoying every moment.

Jun 10, 2017

Mother's Day

It was a low key Mother's Day, just the way I wanted it.  We hung out.  We went to church. We went to a movie. We ate junk food and popcorn.

We saw the Lego Batman movie.  It was pretty good.  The boys enjoyed it.  We stopped at the Dollar Store beforehand and each picked out some yummy snacks and then all shared.  It was the best!

I received some nice gifts from the boys.  I love my flowers and drawing from Colson.  He also made a picture holder that has his thumbprints on it.

Cannon drew and painted this great flower.  I love it and it's sitting on top of the piano.  Kid artwork is the best!

Enjoying every moment.

Jun 1, 2017

Hill Climb Fun!

Another first for us:  The Nitro Nationals Hillclimb in Sunnyside, WA.

We took Friday off and headed east of the mountains Thursday after work.  We were excited and ready for a three day weekend!

Just after exiting I-90 towards Yakima, we blew a tire on the motor home.  It shredded the tire but luckily, didn't do any damage to the motor home.  However, we were stranded for a couple hours as we waited for an emergency service call.  FOUR tires later and $2000, we were headed back on the road!  Gulp.

Amazing weather and rainbows!  This picture was from the side of the freeway when we were stuck.  After we got going, we watched a great lightning show driving to Sunnyside.

The hill before anyone raced.  It was pretty awesome.  And very steep.  It doesn't look that steep, but up close, you could see how gnarly it was.

This was my spot.  We parked the motor home on the hill, put out chairs and had a great view.  We were able to sit in the sun and see all of the action!  We did go into the pits a number of times, too. It's a great view (and different) to see the races up the hill from up close.

The boys and I took a helicopter ride!  Cannon had been before, but Colson had not and he really wanted to go!  I had also never been in a helicopter.  It was pretty cool!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The views were great.

Colson got to sit up front!

A shot from the helicopter.  I can see our motor home and trailer!

Chris and I walked up to the top of the hill one evening.  It was quite a walk.  There is a road we walked up and parts were very steep.  We stopped often to rest!  (In the picture above it's the road all the way to the left.)

What a great weekend!  We will definitely have to attend another hill climb.  The sunny weather was much needed.  The relaxation was great.  The new experiences were amazing.  Lots of memories!

Enjoying every moment!

May 21, 2017

Miscellaneous Photos from April

Here are a few random shots from April.

Colson and Karin went out for some errands.  Here are a couple of cute (and silly!) photos from their trip to the Army Surplus Store.

Cannon worked hard on the invention of his sled puller for Highly Capable and this is the final product!  Amazing work! He presented it to his Hi C class and also at an all district Hi C Invention Fair.

Everyone loves a surprise gift in the mail!  Colson received a birthday present from Auntie Kanga. I knew it was coming a bit late, but Colson didn't and he didn't care!  He loved receiving mail and immediately started to work on his new LEGO set!  

Ice cream cones for being such good kids while I had a meeting.  I am lucky!

New carpet downstairs at home.  We came home and the boys just immediately laid on the floor and began rolling around!

Colson with his good friend Preston at the 3rd grade music concert.  These two enjoy hanging out together!

The boys all ready for 80's day at school!  Hilarious!

Enjoying every moment!