Apr 26, 2017

LEGOLAND, Here We Come! - Day 1

We made it to Legoland!  Everyone was excited!  We couldn't wait to get in and get exploring!

So many things are made of Legos!  It really is amazing the work that goes into each structure!

Yes, this is made out of Legos, including all of the people and the band in front of the capital.

In front of the mini Las Vegas.

We saw a little bit of Australia on our boat ride!

Cannon and Colson each had money to spend from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.  They took a lot of time searching through the Lego Store and each found a perfect one.  Colson started right in creating when we got back to the hotel.

It was an amazing day for us at Legoland!  We spent all day there and didn't have one complaint from the boys about being tired or hungry.  Today, we took it all in and spent the day riding all of the rides. We bought the "Reserve a Ride" so we were able to reserve rides while we were riding another ride, and then pass up the long lines and head right to the front of the line.  That was the best ever!

So many memories made!  What a great day!
Enjoying every moment!

Apr 9, 2017

Cannon's Invention

In Highly Capable the students have been learning about inventions and studying the people behind inventions and innovations.  For their final project, each student has to invent or innovate something and present it to the class.

Cannon has developed many inventions in his mind.  He has talked about them and drawn some out. One he recently developed was a sled puller.  He came up with this over Christmas break when we were sledding at Grandma and Grandma's house.  He created the idea in his head and then talked about it with Chris.  Later, he wrote out some ideas.

Fast forward a few months and here we have Cannon's idea!  Chris and Cannon worked hard on this and we are creating a presentation board, too.  In a couple of weeks, Cannon will be presenting his invention to the HiC class.  (He's very nervous!)

So amazing!
Enjoying every moment.

Apr 1, 2017

Sun, Finally!

We have had a LONG stretch of rainy, cloudy, dreary days.  I think there has only been 6 days of sun in the last number of months.  Whatever it is, it's been a long time!  We are all ready for some warmer weather and especially some dry and sunny days!

Friday we had one of those dry and sunny days!  It was beautiful out.  It was great that we only had a half day of school.  We stopped at Dairy Queen for some lunch and mainly for the Blizzards!  Karin was on lunch so she came over and joined us.

When we got home, the kids headed outside and played on the swing set and trampoline.

We got the bat, balls and mitts out, too.  We spend a long time playing catch and both boys took turns hitting the ball.  It was great to be active outside.  I pulled weeds between playing and we put Moss Out on the front lawn.

Chris and Karin went for a long motorcycle ride Friday evening.  It was too nice out to pass it up.

At one point, the boys had the trailer pulled around and they were playing with that.  It's amazing how creative they can be!

As I type this on Saturday, the rain is coming down.  Sun, please come back and stay awhile!  We miss you!

Enjoying every moment!

Colson's Party

We came back to Peak Gymnastics for Colson's birthday party this year.  It's a great place for kids and a perfect birthday spot.  The kids have so much fun playing, running, jumping, and laughing. They wear themselves out just in time to eat cake and open presents. Then it's time to go home!  I call that the perfect party!  It's all about Colson and his friends.  He said that he had such a good time with his friends.  He had a wonderful group of friends come to play and celebrate.

We love Colson and were happy to watch him have a great time for his birthday party!

Enjoying every moment.

Mar 25, 2017

Words + Pictures

A few everyday moments...

New shoes for the boys!  They both needed new shoes for different reasons.  Colson needed a new pair of shoes for indoor soccer.  He didn't have a pair of tennis shoes that would be sufficient.  Auntie took him out for some nice one-on-one time and bought him a new pair of converse!  Very styling shoes!

The next day, Auntie took Cannon out for some one on one time and they came home with new shoes, too!  Cannon has some everyday shoes to wear to school.  However, he needed a decent pair of shoes that weren't high tops or romeos, which he could wear to church or a wedding or anywhere nice.  These Vans are pretty cool!

"The battle has begun."  Colson and I played a LONG game of battleship earlier this month.  I enjoy these times and they have also been good lessons about perseverance, not giving up and strategy.

After our septic backed up out of the downstairs bathroom, we had re-paint and put up new trim. Well, not 'we' but Chris.  He did a nice job and the bathroom looks so good!  It's nice to have a handy husband!

We had a few days this month of snow!  Yes, snow in March.  This weather we have had this winter has been crazy.  The snow came fast and did cover everything quickly, however it didn't stick around long because of the warmer temperatures.

Chris spent 3 days in Florida at the Granger Trade Show.  It was a long, sleepless flight and a packed three days, but it was worth it.  They were fed well and had free reign of the Adventure Island part of Disney World one evening where they experienced the new Harry Potter rides.  On the last day there, they were able to explore a little bit, too!

Enjoying every moment!

Happy Birthday, Colson!

We just love this kid!
He is a smart, friendly, sweet boy!
He's showing quite a sense of humor.
He loves to play with Legos and put together puzzles.
He definitely shows his opinion.
Donuts are his favorite!
He loves school and is learning so much every day!
Sometimes he eats a lot and sometimes he doesn't eat much.
Soccer, basketball and football are favorite sports.
He still is an early riser and usually is the first one awake in the morning.
He loves to snuggle!

We love Colson so much!  He's a wonderful young man and we are looking forward to everything he will add to our lives this year!

Enjoying every moment!

Mar 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Photos From February

Colson doesn't like to take baths or showers.  He whines and cries every time we tell him he has to take one.  On this day, he ended up in the kitchen sink.  I honestly can't remember why, but he did get somewhat clean, minus washing his hair.  I'll take it as a win!

Harley dog is always somewhere near.  Usually, she is on our lap or right next to where we are sitting. She does like to play with her toys, but often, she is snuggling up with us.

Cannon is still practicing his crocheting with red yarn auntie got him. I find little crocheted "things" all over the house!

Almost daily, the boys are reading.  Cannon is on the fifth book of The Land of Stories series.  He is loving them.  Colson has words and books that he gets from school just about every day.  When he reads them correctly to a parent at school, he gets another book.  The books are getting longer and have many more words on the page than when he first started.

Mr. Bonn and Cannon have been working on riding the unicycle.  This is as far as Cannon has gotten...holding on to the edge with one hand.  It's a challenge and a bit scary, but as soon as he gets enough courage, it won't take him long to get the hang of it.

Cannon learned to ride the hover board when he was at Landon's house.  It was cool to watch him ride it.  That may be something we need to invest in!

My Monday and Wednesday night instructor, Ciera, is moving to teaching only mornings.  This was her last evening class.  I will miss her!  She kicked my butt over and over and over!
Enjoying every moment.