Aug 19, 2014

Mount Hood

The best part about our trip is that we were on an adventure...meaning most of it was not planned.  So we went where we wanted to go, when we wanted to.  When we decided we were going to go west along the Columbia, Chris decided to take a scenic trip around Mt. Hood.  I'm sure glad we did.  It was an awesome ride in beautiful weather.  Traveling through the mountains on a motorcycle, you feel the warmth of the sun and the warm breezes.  However, as we rode past rivers and waterfalls, the temperature dropped instantly, and then got warmer as we rode on.  You smell every smell and can see so much.  The views of Mt. Hood were amazing.  Neither of us had been this close to Mt. Hood.

Such great new memories!
Such great adventures.

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary Trip

Happy 18th Anniversary to us!

This year we celebrated with a 5-day motorcycle trip.  It was A-MAZ-ING!

We left Thursday morning and headed east over Chinook Pass, down through Hermiston, Oregon, over the Blue Mountains and on to Bakercity, Oregon.  Friday morning, we headed to Hells Canyon and back up over the mountains, through Joseph and Enterprise into Wallowa.  Saturday, we backtracked and found a car show in Enterprise and then stopped in Joseph for a couple of hours.  We then headed north and enjoyed an amazing ride up to Walla Walla.  Sunday, we headed west along the Columbia River with stops at Stonehenge and Hood River before making a loop around Mt. Hood, which was so beautiful.  We ended up in Portland, finding a place to stay along Columbia. Sunday, we started our way north around the backside of Mt. St. Helens and up to Windy Ridge where we were fascinated with the effects still seen from the eruption 34 years ago.  We made it home by 5pm.

We saw saw so much beautiful scenery, went to many new places and made great memories!  This was a trip all about going on an adventure together.  It was definitely about us.  And that is a good thing.

More pictures and specific stories will come in later posts.

This was one of our favorite trips together.  We loved every part of it.  Let's plan the next one!

Enjoying every moment!


Aug 13, 2014

Staff Room Painting

Our school is 20 years old.  It's still in great shape however the staff room is in need of a bit of a make-over. This past year, I finally decided to pull together some help and at least get it painted.  A wonderful parent who has an eye for decorating helped us choose some paint colors.  After a staff vote, we decided to go with a very calm gray on three walls and a turquoise on the fourth wall.

A couple of days ago we set out to re-paint over the old looking walls and bring a little bit of life back into the one place staff members can go to sit and catch their breath.  

A number of staff showed up to help and we were able to finish painting in under three hours.  It was fun to get together, see each other after the summer break, catch up and see some change happening as we were talking.  It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to a room.  

As soon as we can get some things pushed back to where they belong, we'll be able to see what else we need to add to the room.  The complete make-over may take all year to complete, but at least we got started.  

Enjoying every moment. 

Aug 11, 2014

Chickens and Veggies

At the last minute, we ended up taking a drive to Miss Penny's house to check out a chalk board she has for us to use in the staff room.  (Today we repainted and will be slowly re-decorating!)

The boys loved being there because they got to feed the chickens, help change the water and collect the eggs!  The boys brought home a dozen eggs that they collected!

Also, they found some yummy carrots to pull up and some tomatoes to pick.  Miss Penny also gave us some beans, cucumber and zucchini to take home too.  

An hour of great, unexpected fun!

Enjoying every moment!

Back We Go

We were back to the lake this weekend and were so excited to get there after all of the fun we had last weekend.  Since we left the motor home there, Chris was able to ride his motorcycle and the boys and I drove down Friday morning.

This weekend was the Morton Logger Jubilee and the big hit for our boys is the parade.  After we dragged them through the booths at the swap meet, we headed to Main Street for the parade.  It's a long parade, lasting at least an hour with lots of big rigs, fire engines and tractors.  Perfect for Cannon and Colson. Another plus, they left with a huge bag of candy!

We spent  the afternoon on the lake.  Dave and Dorthy brought their tube and Cannon and Chris went for a ride in it.  Cannon played with the tube all afternoon in Party Cove and Colson enjoyed some time on it, too. Then both of the boys rode back on the tube with Alan.  Colson loved it!  They got soaked and laughed the whole time.
Chris and Cannon on the tube.

Dave made his famous strawberry margaritas...and strawberry slushies for the boys.  Then we all had made to order quesadillas.  They were so good!  For dessert, we celebrated Lee and Dave's birthday's.  Dave made a huge chocolate cake with yummy butter cream frosting.  Kara made a berry cobbler and I brought ice cream.  We were stuffed after dessert!

The boys did a lot of playing.  They built a lot with legos and did great sharing with Natalie!  Cannon loves riding his new bike around and can easily get up the hill.   Cannon made smores Friday night.  And Lee caught a couple fish and showed the boys how to clean them which was a big hit!

Again, the weather couldn't have been better.
Again, the we had such a great time on the boat.
Again, we loved sitting and relaxing....doing nothing.

Can we go back again next weekend?!

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 10, 2014

Day With Dad

A training day for me and an unexpected loss of a babysitter = a fun play day for Chris and the boys.

Chris took the day off from work Monday while I traveled to Union for a training.  The weather was gorgeous and Chris took the boys out on the sound.  They met up with Sebastian, Mindy and Dillon near Des Moines.  Then, they headed to Seattle to Bell Harbor Marina.  They walked around downtown and to the Pike Place Market.  Chris said it was pretty busy, but they were able to see the guys throwing the fish and do a bit of looking around.  I even got a beautiful flower arrangement that they picked out!  After Pike Place, they stopped for Gelatto and then headed back to the boat. 

Colson was tired and immediately fell asleep in the front of the boat.  They cruised to Gig Harbor and parked at the city dock.  He had to wake Colson up to walk up to the Mexican restaurant for an early dinner.  

They boys had such a great time and were so good for Chris.  What a fabulous day on the water.  I wish I could have been there, but am also glad they got to hang out, just the three of them. 

Fun times!

Enjoying every moment. 

Aug 5, 2014

Wonderful Weekend

Oh my, we enjoyed such a great weekend camping.  The weather was amazing.  It was shorts and t-shirts from the time we got up until the time we went to bed.  It's great waking up to blue skies and temperatures in the 60's.  It just starts your day off right!

We enjoyed the water both Saturday and Sunday...which was really the best place to be in the afternoon since it was so hot.  Cannon and Colson loved playing in the water.  Cannon floated around on an inflatable and Colson just like being in the water.  We also rode around all over the lake:  to the marina at one end and then part way up to the dam at the other end.

Saturday, we also went into Mossyrock for the Blueberry Festival.  They had a great car show with well over 100 cars.  Then we sat and watched the parade, which we didn't expect to do.  So it was a nice treat. We went home with a bag full of candy!

Counting the lugnuts on his favorite entry in the car show...a big rig hot rod!

Lots of tractors in the parade!

Dave and Dorthy made homemade chips and salsa.  So wonderful!  Cannon ate tons of salsa.  Colson ate a lot too, but not nearly as much as Cannon did.  They both also got strawberry slushies from Dave, too!  That was a big hit.  The "big people" got to have strawberry margaritas!

What a wonderful weekend!

Enjoying every moment.