Apr 13, 2014

Enjoying the Sunny Weekend

We sure did enjoy the sunny weekend.  I wish every day would be sunny and 70 degrees!  It sure makes a difference!

This weekend the boys had a ton of fun playing in the sandbox at Greg and Brenda's house.  They loved the new lowboy truck.  Colson calls it the 'little boy!'  They spent hours this weekend scooping dirt, hauling trucks, just playing.  Sand was everywhere!

Cannon and Colson also helped Chris paint a wall in the garage.  The goal was to get two of the eight shelves up that are sitting in the garage.  That didn't happen.  The primer is up but the paint is still in the cans. Too many projects going on at the same time.  Not enough hours in the day.

The boys loved playing outside today.  They both took off their clothes, hooked up the sprinkler and ran through it!  I sat on the back deck in the sun and watched them.  It was wonderful and I could have stayed there all day!

We made a couple of runs today to do errands...not planned.  The last time I went out was to return a pair of shoes for Cannon that were too small and hopefully find a pair that was bigger.  Colson wanted to come with me and insisted on wearing his pajamas.  He had them on since he just woke up from his nap.  So off we went to the shoe store, Colson sporting his doggie jammies and flip flops!

Enjoying every moment!

Let's Ride

This afternoon Chris and I took off for a few hours by ourselves.  The sun was out and we took advantage of the warm(ish) weather and went for a motorcycle ride.

We took the long way to Tacoma, down Ruston Way en route to Anthony's for an early dinner.  I had the salmon which was amazing.  Chris had a nice, juicy steak and fries.  The view was great of the Puget Sound and Vashon ferry.  We loved being together, just the two of us.

After dinner, we headed across the Narrows bridge to Gig Harbor.  We took a nice ride around the harbor and ended up back at Kelly's for ice cream.  We also walked down to the city dock to look at the boats and see the view.  I love old town Gig Harbor.

Before heading home, we took a ride over to Fox Island and around the vicinity.  It was the first time Chris and I have been over the bridge to Fox Island...we've driven under it in the boat many, many times...but never over it!  There are many beautiful homes along the water.

It was a great ride and great evening.  It was nice to get away for a few hours.  We're ready for our next ride!

Enjoying every moment!

Apr 11, 2014

Colson and Mommy

Colson is (and has been) in that "Mama's Boy" stage.  I remember Cannon being like that, too.  Colson is for sure a very different child than Cannon, however.  :)

He is strong willed.
He wants to get his way.
He doesn't accept discipline well.
He wants our attention and will try and get it...positively or negatively.
He has a love-hate relationship with his brother.
He whines a lot.
He cries when things don't go his way.

But for the most part....

He is very funny.
He loves to snuggle.
He is excellent at puzzles.
He loves to read.
He remembers everything.
He has a huge vocabulary.
He (usually) is polite and says please and thank you.
He sleeps great.
He is very independent.
He is a great helper.
He can be so extremely sweet and kind.

Colson 'selfie'

Love. This. Boy.

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 8, 2014

More From Arizona

We had a wonderful 7 days in Arizona.

The weather was great and much needed after a long, cold and rainy winter.  It was wonderful to see the sun, enjoy the beauty of the blue skies, and feel the warmth of 80 degree weather.

We did a lot of sitting outside, reading, going to the pool and relaxing.  I finished four books, spent a huge amount of time on Pinterest and loved reading my magazines.  Chris did a lot of magazine reading and just relaxing.  The boys played and played.  They loved being on vacation!

Best of all, we got to spend time with family. It was wonderful to have a whole week with my parents and my sister where we didn't have an agenda.  We did do a few things that we had scheduled, but for the most part, we figured things out each day.  We just let everything unfold as the day went on.  It was great.

We needed another seven days!

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 6, 2014

Motorcycle Ride

With the weather so absolutely wonderful...warm and sunny...Chris couldn't help but find a motorcycle to ride while down in Arizona.  We stopped at a Harley Dealership and dropped off Chris and Karin.  They came home with a rented 2014 Street Glide.

Chris and Karin went out for the first ride, south towards Nogales, around the mountains and back home.

The next day, Chris and I headed off for a day trip to Tombstone and Bisbee.  The ride was great, however it was a little windy.  The wind was warm and we never got cold, but just had to deal with some gusts! Tombstone was a great little town to visit. There are a ton of shops to poke around in and lots of shows to see.  We hit many of the shops and had a great lunch at a popular spot.  We then headed on to Bisbee, a quaint little town built in a canyon and the home of a large mine (that is now closed.)  Many of the shops were closed but we had the chance to walk around and take in the way the streets, homes and buildings were all built into the side of the canyon.  Crazy.  We headed home from Bisbee the opposite way Chris and Karin rode the day before....around the mountains, through Nogales and north to Green Valley.

The last day, Chris and Karin went for another ride and this time went north of Green Valley on some great riding roads. They went up to "A" Mountain and then into Tucson for lunch before returning the bike.

After all of that riding, Chris put on over 550 miles in two days. That is more than he has on his motorcycle at home!



It was a fun two days exploring on the motorcycle.  With the great weather in Arizona, riding a motorcycle is defiantly the way to go!

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 3, 2014

Pima Mine Visit

Today we took the boys to see the big equipment.  We knew they would love looking at everything and we were right.  We spent almost an hour hanging out, looking at everything.  The boys wanted to touch everything.  Cannon wanted to see how everything worked, of course.

They loved the big dump trucks with the tires bigger than daddy!  These trucks are amazing and it's hard to believe they currently use trucks that are even bigger than this one!

It was a great morning to explore.  We all enjoyed ourselves and we were able to get some good photos, too.

Enjoying every moment!

Our Little Fish

If going swimming were the one and only thing we did while we were on vacation here in Arizona, the boys would be happy.  Especially Cannon.  He's been in the water as much as possible and still whines when he has to get out!

Cannon has become a great swimmer and he is so fun to watch. The first few days, there were some other grand kids visiting and Cannon loved having people to swim with.  They kept each other busy laughing and jumping and chasing and splashing and diving.  The last couple of days, he's swam by himself, but still enjoyed every minute.  He can swim the width of the pool in one breath!  He likes to dive to the bottom for things and enjoys the cheap floaty we bought for him down here.  The hot tub is another favorite place, too!

Colson is more apprehensive and likes to sit on the side of the pool and play with his toys or play on the steps of the pool.  He does like the water and will hang out in it for a long while...sometimes.   Other times, he is happy to go home after only a short time.  Each day, he's gotten braver, getting farther into the water, blowing bubbles and splashing on his own.
One of the latest things that the boys are loving is shooting water out of the swim noodles.  It's pretty funny to watch them....and see where the water goes!

What great memories!

Enjoying every moment.