Feb 20, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

For Christmas, we gave the boys another stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  We stayed there for the first time last year and decided to go back.  We took advantage of our Friday off of school for Mid-Winter break and headed down Thursday afternoon. Both boys were very excited and couldn't wait to go!

We definitely had a great time. It really is all about the kids. This year, we bought a "Pup Pass" which came with a number of cool items and/or things to do.  This really enhanced the stay and made it even more exciting!  We loved watching the boys enjoy themselves and see the smiles on their faces!

Checking out the bunk beds in the room!  Colson slept on the top bunk this time!

A quick picture before heading out to the water park.

There is a great area for little kids.  Colson is kind of in between but still liked to play around in this area!

Cannon loved the water slides.  We went down a number of times together and he also went down on his own.

Chris and Colson coming down a water slide.

Hanging out in the room before heading back down to play arcade games.  There is a pizza place at the hotel that makes very yummy pizzas, so that is what we had for dinner.

For $20, we spent a hour or so in the arcade. The boys played pretty much whatever they wanted.  It's fun to get to do this!

The next morning, we had breakfast in the room.  I brought cereal, donuts and breakfast sandwiches. Then we headed down to hit the water park again as soon as it opened.  We played hard for about 2 hours, going down the water slides a number of times and playing in the wave pool.  Cannon really like the wave pool.  He loved the water slides, but if you ask him, he will tell you his favorite part is the wave pool!

Colson got a free glitter tattoo with the Pup Pass.  It was pretty awesome!

The boys also picked out a stuffed animal to make.  They both agreed on the wolf.  Cannon is helping to put the stuffing in.  After that, the boys went on an adventure with their new animal.  It had a chip in it that made certain videos and computers work.  Each spot gave another clue.

Heading back home!  What a great trip we had!  So many good memories were made.

Enjoying every moment.
Enjoying every moment!

Feb 19, 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
We believe in showing love and kindness all throughout the year, but Valentine's Day is still special. The boys had their own Valentine envelope to open in the morning, filled with some fun treats.  We had heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, too!

At school, the kids celebrated, too.  Cannon's class played Valentine Bingo and then opened their Valentine's from classmates.  Colson made a Valentine hat and handed out their Valentines to friends. Both boys enjoyed opening (and eating) treats from their friends!

Cannon's Valentine holder was pretty cool!  They made monsters.  So cool!

Chris had flowers and a card for me.  Beautiful flowers!  I love them.

As always, I write notes to the boys on hearts throughout the month of February.  I enjoy this tradition and the boys like reading the notes!

A heart shaped pizza for dinner! Simple and easy. Especially on a work night. Thank you to Chris for picking it up!

Enjoying every moment.

Feb 7, 2017

So Much Snow

It's always exciting when we get any snow, even if it was a just a dusting.  Sunday it started to snow in the late afternoon and it didn't stop the entire night!

The boys went out to play in it early Sunday evening.  They loved it and by the time they came in, it was dark, there was about 3 inches of snow, they had two snowmen started and they were soaking wet!

In the morning when we woke up there were 7 or so  inches on the ground.  School was cancelled and we were looking at a true winter wonderland!

Cannon and Colson were out playing in it by 8 am.  They crushed their snowmen, made tracks everywhere, pulled the trailer around and just had a blast.

Chris went to work, but his plant was also closed for the most part.  He worked most of the morning and then picked us up so we could check out our new property.  It was snowing huge flakes by the time we arrived and there was definitely more snow!  

We measured 14+ inches in a couple different spots.  That's a crazy amount of snow in a 24 hour period!

The boys LOVED all of the snow and had so much fun playing.  We should have brought sleds and hot cocoa!

Enjoying every moment.

Feb 6, 2017

Random Thoughts About Random Shots

Colson joined me at the YMCA while I took a quick class Friday afternoon.  He drew some great pictures on his white board.  I love this kid!  

Cannon has been wearing his new activity meter almost daily.  This has been his best day yet!  It was a Friday and he went to Fitness Friday in the morning before school, had PE during school and then had soccer camp in the evening.

A nice, hot chocolate was just what I needed on this Saturday as I was running errands on a very cold day!

I know I have taken a picture like this before after going to the library, but I just love the fact that I can come home with a bag full of books to read and enjoy FOR FREE!  The library is the best!

A puzzle that Colson finished on his own one day.  On this particular day, he completed three puzzles!

Cannon helping Chris work on the new (but VERY old) dump truck.  Like father, like son!

My class helped their Kindergarten buddies with this snowman marshmallow project.  It was simple and the marshmallows made it so fun!  Colson loves his creation!

Another puzzle we were working on.  This one was 500+ pieces and was a picture of Safeco Field. This one took a few days to complete!

My little one helping make peanut butter cookies.  He helped open, pour, mix.  His favorite part was smashing the dough with the fork!  Good memories together in the kitchen!  And lots of yummy cookies to eat for the next few days!

Enjoying every moment.

A Night Out

Life goes by fast.  I hate to admit that, but sometimes I can't believe that the week has come and gone.

This week, Chris and I took some time to ourselves to recharge, spend time together and do something fun!  I bought tickets for us to see STOMP at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma.  We made a night of it, going to dinner at Black Angus first.  We enjoyed a long, yummy dinner, with appetizer, soup and salad, and then a main course AND dessert!  We brought home the dessert and half of our meal.  But it was nice to eat out and we both had some yummy food!  Chris had a steak, of course! And I had the salmon, of course!

The Pantages Theater is a beautiful, old theater and we loved looking at the craftsmanship while waiting to go to our seats.

And the show....It was just AMAZING!  It was the best show we have seen and I would totally go back again if I had the chance!  We were entertained the entire time.  It was choreographed amazingly and the percussion that was created with such a variety of objects was unbelievable!  It was also very funny, which I didn't expect.  

What an amazing night! We had the best time.

Enjoying every moment!

Jan 30, 2017

Playing at the Property

A few hours at the property on a beautiful sunny day was just what we needed!  The boys rode a little bit on the quad and Cannon rode his motorcycle.  Chris tried to fill up a couple holes but the dirt was still frozen solid!  (We didn't have any snow at home, and hadn't for a long time!)  But the boys had fun playing and hunting for cool sticks and rocks.  Harley played hard and ran around everywhere. Chris cut some rounds for me...a decoration for an upcoming bridal shower. 

What a great day to be outside and enjoying the fresh air!

Enjoying every moment