Jul 17, 2018

PLC Conference in Seattle

We had a 2 1/2 day PLC Conference in Seattle the middle of August.  It is a long conference.  But there is a lot of learning happening.  It's also kind of nice to be staying in a fancy hotel and enjoy the sights.  I stayed in a room with Jen and we did some walking around town.  We had beautiful days and evenings. 

It was also Chris' and my anniversary.  He had flowers sent to me at the hotel.  They were beautiful...and it was a wonderful surprise!  

Enjoying every moment.

Solar Eclipse

A huge event in August 2017 was the solar eclipse.  People all over were flocking to areas of the "path of totality" where they would see a total eclipse.  In Sumner, we didn't see a total eclipse, but it was close.  It definitely became darker (not like at night).  We watched a lot of news on TV and were able to take it in from the TV as well as outside. 

 Here is a picture from outer space.

Colson, with Chris' welding helmet on, looking at the sun.

Another photo I took from the TV.  This was from down in Oregon.

Enjoying every moment.

July 2017 Road Trip

Cannon was reading all of the Little House on the Prairie books.
I had read them all when I was younger.
My mom had read them.

So of course, we needed to take a trip to visit some of the places in the books.

Mom, the boys and myself headed off on a 10 day road trip that took us to Desmet, South Dakota.  We traveled through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota.  It was a great trip and we got to see AMAZING sights.

One great stop we made was a tour of a mine.  The boys got to pan for real gold and then we all entered the Broken Boot Gold Mine.  It was interesting learning for all of us!

We spent a few hours in Deadwood, walking through shops, eating ice cream and watching a pretend gun fight. 

One of the highlights of the trip was time spend at Mount Rushmore.  It was totally breathtaking and amazing to see in person.  We loved the video telling the story behind the making of Mount Rushmore.  The museum was awesome, as was the wonderful walk around the grounds.  Totally worth it and we would go again in a heartbeat. 

We found an adventure park after our visit to Mount Rushmore.  Cannon went zip lining for the first time!  We rode the chair lift up to the top and then went down the slides. 

Another stop on our trip was to see the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is still under construction. 

One of our favorite parts of the trip was our two days in Desmet where we were able to take in an outdoor play based on one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. 

We also visited the Ingalls Homestead, which is on the very land that the Ingalls family homesteaded.  This was a big hit for us all.  There was a lot to do for everyone and we spent a number of hours here. 

We also went to the cemetery to see the graves of most of the Ingalls family. 

We took a tour of the surveyors house that the Ingalls family lived in when they first came to Desmet.  We also toured the house Pa built in town and one where Ma and Pa eventually lived out the rest of their lives.  Such history!

It was a wonderfully amazing trip! 
Enjoying every moment.

Jul 16, 2018

Hello Again!

It has been an awfully long time since I have posted on our blog.  Life is always busy and a bit crazy, but it got even busier and a little crazier, too over the last couple of years, so the Blog had to put to the side.  I was okay with that.  I still keep up with weekly memory keeping digitally and print a scrapbook each year. 

However, I really missed having a place to put ALL of the photos from a certain event and be able to tell the story behind them.  So I thought I would start up again, sharing some of the photos of everyday life. 

I'm wavering between going back and filling in some of the events from 2017 and 2018 that I've missed recording, but I think that would take forever.  I still may hit some of the highlights.  We shall see. 

For now, a couple of every day photos from this summer to get this blog going again!

Colson after a quick hair cut.  He wanted it long on the top and shorter on the sides.  That's what he got and he is all smiles. 

We took a quick trip to Schultz Farms for some raspberries.  The boys liked petting the goats.  

Quinn loves to balance on anything and everything. 

Playing math games together.  Colson is learning a little bit about 4th grade math!

Harley loves being out at the property. She is just like the boys...enjoys the dirt and comes home filthy! 

Enjoying every moment.

Nov 4, 2017

June Photoshoot

June is our month to take family photos.  The boys don't really like it.  Chris really doesn't enjoy it, but I don't care.  Because getting family photos is important and I'm always so glad I did.  It's great to look back on them and see how the boys have grown and changed.  (And how Chris and I have changed, too.)
These photos were taken by my former student, Kaitlyn.  She is currently a Senior at White River High School.  We went to the high school for the photos and they turned out great.  Kaitlyn also helped out in Colson's Kindergarten class, so that helped Colson feel relaxed and she got some better pictures because of that. 
All of them turned out great.  I am so pleased! 

Enjoying every moment!