Sep 16, 2016

Colson's Soccer Jamboree

We are fully into soccer season now.  Games have begun so our Saturday mornings are booked until November.  Colson had his jamboree last weekend.  They played two mini games (8 minutes for each half.)  

Colson did great, as did the entire team!  They play 3 on 3 with no goalie.  Colson's team was pretty aggressive, taking away the ball many times and getting many shots on goal.  They won their first game 6-2.  They won the second game 9-0.  Colson had 2 goals in the first game.  I don't remember in the second game. I know he had a couple of assists.  

The most important thing was that they all had fun!  They smiled and ran and played like a team!  

Enjoying every moment.

Sep 10, 2016

First Day of School 2016

And just like that we are starting another school year!

Cannon will be a third grader and has Miss Bauer for a teacher.  He is in the classroom right next door to mine.  I'm excited to maybe even teach him a little bit this year!

We  have flexible seating in our classrooms this year and Cannon chose to sit at the low table on a pillow for the first day.  Each student has a little play dough to keep them busy!

Colson started Kindergarten this year!  He'll be going all day, which he is not happy about!  But he did great on the first day and didn't complain about having to be there all day!

Colson getting his hand prints done for a project!  That's his teacher, Mrs. Webster!

Colson and I on the first day of school!

Enjoying every moment!

Sep 9, 2016

Everyday Moments

The days are FULL of everyday moments.  It's these moments that mean the most and usually what the boys remember.  They love the simple things!

Here are a few of those everyday moments.

Cannon finished the 4th Harry Potter book.  It took almost all summer to read it!  It's the longest with over 700 pages.  Now, we have the movie on hold at the library!  Can't wait to watch it again with him.

Harley is definitely part of the family.  She loves to play, is a great at snuggling, and is learning to sit and shake.  Harley has been sleeping with Colson at night.  She goes in to his room between 8-9 pm, jumps on his bed and snuggles up.  So cute!

We spent a day hanging out, doing what the boys wanted.  They played on the toys at the mall, got quarters for the gumball machines, and earned a $20 gift certificate for anywhere in the mall by participating in a new kids app experience.  They spent their $20 on a Lego set.

We also went to The Ram for lunch and they each got an awesome dessert!  It was pretty yummy!

Soccer has started for both boys and they are practicing twice a week.  Cannon has really improved his game in the last year and it's been great to watch him excel and continue to improve at practices. Colson is learning a ton from Coach Mike.  He loves going to soccer practice!  Both have games this weekend!

Colson spent some time with Brayden while Cannon and I worked in my classroom.  They went to see a movie.  Look at all of that popcorn!

The gang at the bowling alley!  (Colson was there, too, but didn't want to get in the picture!)

Chris and Cannon spent a day at Ms. Penny's house working on some projects.  They worked hard and Cannon earned $20 for all of his work!

We enjoyed some park time.  The boys like coming to this park (on Parker Street in Sumner!) because they can bring their bikes and ride around the trail, too.  It was fun to do something different.  We hadn't been to this park in a long time.

The boys were using up some of our apples and oranges to make juice.  They love doing it!  Then, they made a smoothie with some of the frozen fruit we had.

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 22, 2016

Northwest Nationals

Free Tickets to the Northwest Nationals?  Yes. Please.
The GM at Pasco actually bought us tickets as a thank you for all of the work and time Chris spent over there this past year.  So kind!  We were excited to go and couldn't wait for the boys to experience the races.

We arrived early and had time to walk around the pits looking at the cars . The boys got to sit in one of the local drag cars.  Huge smiles!

We walked the track, which was a great experience.  I didn't realize how sticky it was.  Many shoes were pulled off of peoples feet!  After that, we were able to get a front row spot for driver introductions.  It was pretty cool to be up close to all of the drives we watch on TV.

John Force

Courtney Force

Ron Capps

We had good seats and the boys got to experience what 10,000 horsepower (times 2 cars!) feels and sounds like.  There is nothing like it and it's something you just have to be there for to even understand!

We had a great time and it was a wonderful experience for the kids.  They didn't complain once, even though we were there all day long.  Of course, kettle corn, ice cream (for Cannon), shaved ice (for Colson) and some other treats helped!

Enjoying every moment!

2016 Photoshoot

At the end of June, we had family pictures taken again.  Chris groans at this, but I know he appreciates it after the fact.  I'm glad to professionally document the kids growth as well as our family.

We had one of my former first graders take the photos.  She just graduated in 2016 and is headed to PLU!

Here are a few of my favorites.  It was hard to choose because they all turned out so great!

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 18, 2016

Lake Time

Hello vacation!
Hello Lake Roosevelt!

There is nothing like being at the lake to visit mom and dad and for vacation.
I love the views.
I love the lake.
I love the smells.

We enjoyed many great days at the lake just relaxing.  It's a true vacation when we go there.  We walk. We go to the beach.  We hang out.  We go back to the house for dinner.  We relax at home. Then we do it all over again the next day.

The boys had fun playing games that Auntie Karin brought.  I came down the stairs one morning and they were in the middle of a Monopoly game!

Colson spent quite awhile reading words and making sentences with Auntie.  They also played Uno Stacko, a very interesting version of Uno!

We went to a different beach every day.  The boys played and played and played.  Cannon loves his Kayak!  Both boys swam a lot. It was pretty warm each day (90's) so being in the water felt good!

Enjoying every moment!

Aug 15, 2016

Musical and Baseball Kind of Day

July is when this happened.  Somehow in the wonderful craziness of summer, I never finished the blog post on it.
So here it is, just a month or so late!

We went to see Shrek the Musical, Jr. at the Auburn Theater.  We try and expose the kids to different things and events and I believe this was Colson's first musical play.  Also, it feels good to support the local theater and this performance was all put on by kids!  The boys had seen the movie and the play followed the story line for the most part.  It had good acting and singing and great humor, too!  The theater was small, so we felt like we were up close.  It was a great experience for all and everyone enjoyed it.

After the musical, we came home for a couple of hours and then headed back out to take in a Tacoma Rainiers game.  Everyone had been before except for Colson.  It was a nice night for a game, warm and sunny.  We received free hats, as well as a hotdog and chips.  Our seats were close and behind home plate.  And the Rainiers won (even though we didn't stay for the entire game!)

Fun times as a family!
Enjoying every moment!