Dec 4, 2016

Another Award

We had our monthly Honoring Kids assemblies on Friday.  This month, Colson was honored for his seatwork.  Mrs. Webster said some pretty wonderful things about Colson!  He works hard.  He has very nice handwriting.  He's a mathematician!  He's reading books.  It makes me feel so great to hear such great things about Colson.  He is doing such a super job in school and we are very proud of him!

Enjoying every moment.

Nov 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  We were all ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We were ready for some time off of school/work.  We were ready to sleep in.  We were ready to hang out at home. We were ready for some yummy food. We were ready to celebrate all of the things we were thankful for.

This year we spent Thanksgiving Day at Dan and Claire's. We had brunch over there and then spent the rest of the day watching football, watching Finding Dory, preparing the for dinner, looking through the ads, doing some crafts, etc.  It was nice to relax.

Claire bought a new game, Watch Your Mouth, which is one of the latest crazes in games.  One person wears a mouthpiece and they have to say phrases while the other people guess.  It is so funny! Here are the boys practicing wearing the mouthpieces!

The kids painted Christmas trees for a craft.  They had fun picking colors and painting!

Cannon helped with the mashed potatoes!

Both Cannon and Colson are very patient with Natalie and Maya.  They love watching the baby and got to hold her today!  

Happy Thanksgiving from us!

Enjoying every moment!

Colson's Award

Colson was nominated for the Wolf Pack.  This is an elite club where only the kids that exemplify all of the Timberwolf rules.  Colson was nominated by his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Webster.

Chris came for the luncheon and brought Colson McDonalds!  I was able to stop by for about 10 minutes and see Colson receive his award.

Colson was very excited and we loved watching him.  His smile tells it all.  We are proud of him for being such an excellent student and friend!

Enjoying every moment!

Nov 20, 2016

Peak Gymnastics Times 2

We had two birthday parties at Peak Gymnastics within 6 days.

Cannon and Colson went to Wyatt's birthday party.  Chris took them and I was able to stay home and get some work done.  Yay for me!  There were a ton of kids from Mountain Meadow there and both boys had so much fun.  Chris said they were both sweaty!

The following weekend, Colson had a party for the triplets in his class.  Again, he played hard and had a great time.  He really loves going in the harness where they raise him up and he can 'fly' and bounce.  The party was a spy party and Colson and his buddies looked so cute in the mustaches!

Fun times!  It's great seeing the boys so happy!
Enjoying every moment.

Nov 11, 2016

Swimming, Awards and More

It's exciting to see the boys back in the pool!  The smile on their faces, especially Colson's, is priceless.  We love that we have this opportunity at the Y for them!

Cannon received the award for "Dependabilty" at last weeks assembly.  Miss Bauer gave a number of examples of how Cannon was depenable and helped out many different people.  We are proud of him!

Chris has been working on his new office.  He built the desk and also covered one wall in barn wood. (Really, they are old fence posts!)  He found a small couch on Craigslist and got a whisky barrel that he is using to hide the equiptment for the video system that is in the plant.  He's currently working on making two chairs.

We celebrated neighbor Dan's birthday last weekend....and a Husky win!  The boys enjoyed the dessert!
Enjoying every moment

Nov 5, 2016


Happy Halloween!

Yep, we took the boys trick-or-treating this year around the neighborhood.  I'm pretty sure Colson has never trick-or-treated to houses before and Cannon went once.
No, we aren't bad parents!  We attend Mt. Meadow's Autumfest the Friday before Halloween every year.  The boys trick-or-treat around the school to classrooms.  So we've never felt the need to go out on Halloween and the boys haven't really wanted to.

Until this year.  Colson was the one that asked to go.  Cannon was wishy-washy.  He didn't care either way.  So the boys put on their costumes again and out we went.  We drove up to the large development up on the hill.  Together the boys walked up to the neighborhood houses, knocked on the door and said, "Trick-or-Treat!"  I have to admit it was kind of fun watching them.  It made me remember how exciting it was for me to trick-or-treat when I was younger.  I also remember how fun it was to answer the door and hand out candy!  Cannon and Colson had a good time and got a ton of candy!  They didn't last long, though.  We were back home within an hour.

Good times!
Enjoying every moment.

Don't Forget

I take a lot of photos but there are many everyday occurrences that don't have a photo.  It's important to remember some of the things going on in our lives that sometimes get overlooked as I document because there isn't a photo.

Conferences:  This last week was conference week.  No report cards are handed out at this conference, thank goodness, but it always adds more work.  Lots of planning, preparing, organizing, etc.  It was a fast, but exhausting week.

Organizing:  I am working on organizing and cleaning out some tubs that I've had full of boys clothes, as well as the spare bedroom closet.  I've taken a few loads to the Goodwill and have another load waiting to go.  I am hoping to move to the bonus room closets next.

Creating:  Chris is moving into an office downstairs at work.  He has been working this week on building his desk.  It's a typical Chris creation and looks pretty cool.  I'll have to get him to send me a picture of the finished product.  He is also putting barn wood up on one wall in his new office.  I'm curious to see what the office will look like when he is done.

Property:  We are in the process of getting a power box put in out at the new property and will work with the neighbor to get power from across the road and then to a temporary power pole.  Baby steps.

Huskies:  As always, we have been carefully following the Huskies and this year they are 8-0 so far. It's the best start to a season in many, many years.  They are fun to watch (of course!) and are ranked #4 in the nation.  Let's hope they can keep it up!

Reading:  Colson has been getting better at his reading on a daily basis.  He is picking up on new words quickly and is independently reading simple books.  It's exciting to watch and listen to him! Cannon just finished Rump, Red, and Jack, chapter books about the "true story" of these fairy tale characters.  He enjoyed them all!

Enjoying every moment!