Oct 16, 2016

October Happenings

A lot has been going on around here in October.  Many things are just the normal, every day activities that keep us busy, with a few others sprinkled in.

Soccer has been keeping us busy with practices for both boys in the evening time during the week and then games on Saturday.  Cannon has practice Monday and Thursday.  Colson has practice Tuesday and Thursday.  Chris has been taking Cannon to all of his practices and I've been taking Colson.  Both boys have improved tremendously and their skill set and knowledge of soccer continues to grow.  It's been a positive experience for all.

Weather has been hit and miss as is usual around here during October.  A bit of rain didn't stop Cannon from doing a bit of rollerblading.  He's had these for awhile and has only tried them a handful of times.  I remember the first time was more like walking in them as he held on to me.  So he has improved tremendously!  Keep practicing!

It always makes me smile when I see the boys deep in creative play.  I love that they are working together.  I love that they have toys spread out.  I love that they aren't playing their tablets!

Colson LOVES football.  He loves to watch it on TV.  He checks scores all of the time.  During the off-season, he counts down the months until the football season starts again!  He also loves to play football, both indoors and outside. He'll play 'forever.'

Chris and I attended the Banquet and Auction for the Rainier Hills Young Life organization.  White River has Young Life Groups at the middle school and high school.  It was a fun evening with good food from Dickies BBQ, some fun, amazing speakers and an auction.

Chris just got a new RC airplane.  He spent a number of hours going through it, putting it together and reading the directions.  The living room looks just like when Cannon and Colson have their toys out!

Enjoying every moment.

Oct 2, 2016

Husky Game

Hello Husky Stadium!
We were blessed to receive tickets from Greg and Brenda to attend the UW vs. Stanford football game.  This was a huge game.  Both teams were ranked in the top 25.  The game was being televised on ESPN on Friday night.  The stakes were high!

Both Chris and I were able to sneak out of work early so we could make it to the 6pm game.  We parked at the new Des Moines parking garage and hopped on the Light Rail.  This was a popular way to travel because our train almost filled up as we got on...and we still had many more stops to go!

It took us about 45 minutes to get to the game on the train.  We get off right at the stadium.  Well, after riding three different escalators up, all we had to do was walk across the way and we were in the gate!  Simple.

The Dogpack (UW students) were there early and in full force decked out in their purple.  

It was a beautiful evening.  We both had on T-shirts and a sweatshirt the whole night.  I never had to take out my vest, gloves or hat!  (But I was prepared!)

There was a sell out crowd with well over 72,000 people.  It was extremely loud the entire game.  We didn't realize how loud until afterward when our ears were ringing!
The Huskies jumped out to a quick lead and never looked back.  It was total domination over Stanford and the final score was 44-6!  The place was rocking.  I was on a high the entire game and still the next day!  That was the best game and the most amazing atmosphere to be in.  We've gone to Husky football games before, but this one was the most exciting!

It was great to be part of such a great night!
Enjoying every moment!

Oct 1, 2016

(Last) Weekend's Happenings

Cannon made breakfast Saturday morning for everyone.  He made me a mini pancake!  So little and cute!

Both boys had soccer games on Saturday.  It was raining off and on, but we all survived without getting soaked!  Colson's team won 11-7 and Colson scored one goal.  Colson is continuing to improve!  He loved his oranges for halftime snack!

Cannon's team played well but lost 5-2.  Cannon did a good job in all of the positions he played.  He ran hard and stuck with it.  There is room for improvement for the team and I know they will continue to improve.

The boys and daddy played with Legos Saturday night.  They are building some amazing, creative trucks and trailers.

And some other Weekend Happenings that didn't get photgraphed:

We went out for a bite to eat after the soccer games.  Nothing fancy, but Wendy's was fast and simple. Chris and I took a quick trip to Costco for a few items.  It was crowded, but we got in and out.
Chris and I also watched a movie after the boys went to bed.  The Martian wasn't too bad.
The Seahawks didn't look too wonderful today and lost to the Rams 3-9.  It wasn't pretty.
Natalie came over for the afternoon and hung out.  The boys played with her on the trampoline a lot!
Chris built some stairs so the boys could get up on the trampoline easier.
Harley doesn't stay in the yard.  She wanders all over the place...and won't come when we call her!
Chris also worked on the motor home and I did a tiny bit of packing for our upcoming trip.
Crockpot meals for dinner on both days.  Saturday:  Pulled Pork       Sunday:  Homemade chilli

Enjoying every moment!

Sep 29, 2016

Oyster Run 2016

Anacortes, here we come!  This is our 4th year going to the Oyster Run and spending the weekend in Anacortes.  We've always enjoyed ourselves.  This weekend comes at a perfect time:  I'm ready for a break after three long and busy weeks of school.  The boys are always ready for a trip away in the motor home!  Chris was in need of some time to relax without a project, too.

Our camp site is right on the beach, overlooking Fidalgo Bay.  The boys headed right to the water to find treasures!

Across the road is the playground that the kids were at many times throughout the weekend!

View from our camp site on Friday night.

Saturday = Farmer's Market for lunch and then across the street for ice cream!

Saturday afternoon we headed 15 minutes down the road to Deception Pass.  The kids always enjoy spending time on the beach!

We took a mile hike from the beach parking lot up to the Deception Pass Bridge.  The kids found a cool tree on the way!

Made it to the top! We walked across the bridge (scary for me!) and then stopped for pictures under the bridge after.

Some shots from the Oyster Run on Sunday.

Enjoying every moment.

Sep 16, 2016

Colson's Soccer Jamboree

We are fully into soccer season now.  Games have begun so our Saturday mornings are booked until November.  Colson had his jamboree last weekend.  They played two mini games (8 minutes for each half.)  

Colson did great, as did the entire team!  They play 3 on 3 with no goalie.  Colson's team was pretty aggressive, taking away the ball many times and getting many shots on goal.  They won their first game 6-2.  They won the second game 9-0.  Colson had 2 goals in the first game.  I don't remember in the second game. I know he had a couple of assists.  

The most important thing was that they all had fun!  They smiled and ran and played like a team!  

Enjoying every moment.

Sep 10, 2016

First Day of School 2016

And just like that we are starting another school year!

Cannon will be a third grader and has Miss Bauer for a teacher.  He is in the classroom right next door to mine.  I'm excited to maybe even teach him a little bit this year!

We  have flexible seating in our classrooms this year and Cannon chose to sit at the low table on a pillow for the first day.  Each student has a little play dough to keep them busy!

Colson started Kindergarten this year!  He'll be going all day, which he is not happy about!  But he did great on the first day and didn't complain about having to be there all day!

Colson getting his hand prints done for a project!  That's his teacher, Mrs. Webster!

Colson and I on the first day of school!

Enjoying every moment!

Sep 9, 2016

Everyday Moments

The days are FULL of everyday moments.  It's these moments that mean the most and usually what the boys remember.  They love the simple things!

Here are a few of those everyday moments.

Cannon finished the 4th Harry Potter book.  It took almost all summer to read it!  It's the longest with over 700 pages.  Now, we have the movie on hold at the library!  Can't wait to watch it again with him.

Harley is definitely part of the family.  She loves to play, is a great at snuggling, and is learning to sit and shake.  Harley has been sleeping with Colson at night.  She goes in to his room between 8-9 pm, jumps on his bed and snuggles up.  So cute!

We spent a day hanging out, doing what the boys wanted.  They played on the toys at the mall, got quarters for the gumball machines, and earned a $20 gift certificate for anywhere in the mall by participating in a new kids app experience.  They spent their $20 on a Lego set.

We also went to The Ram for lunch and they each got an awesome dessert!  It was pretty yummy!

Soccer has started for both boys and they are practicing twice a week.  Cannon has really improved his game in the last year and it's been great to watch him excel and continue to improve at practices. Colson is learning a ton from Coach Mike.  He loves going to soccer practice!  Both have games this weekend!

Colson spent some time with Brayden while Cannon and I worked in my classroom.  They went to see a movie.  Look at all of that popcorn!

The gang at the bowling alley!  (Colson was there, too, but didn't want to get in the picture!)

Chris and Cannon spent a day at Ms. Penny's house working on some projects.  They worked hard and Cannon earned $20 for all of his work!

We enjoyed some park time.  The boys like coming to this park (on Parker Street in Sumner!) because they can bring their bikes and ride around the trail, too.  It was fun to do something different.  We hadn't been to this park in a long time.

The boys were using up some of our apples and oranges to make juice.  They love doing it!  Then, they made a smoothie with some of the frozen fruit we had.

Enjoying every moment!