Oct 19, 2014

A Few Things

Here are a few stories to go with some pictures from earlier this month:

Colson likes to look through photos on my phone and sometimes he gets into the picture taking mood. I found about 20 different photos on my phone that he took one evening.  Some of his blanket, of the floor, of my foot, of the desk... Here is one of Cannon and Chris.  They were reading before bedtime.

Colson very rarely wants me to take pictures of him.  He usually turns away. Actually, both boys do. I think they feel like they've had their picture taken enough!  This time however, Colson asked me to take pictures of him.  I was able to snap a few with a great smile!

At times I read to both boys together, especially when I am putting the kids to bed by myself.  On this night, Cannon did some of the reading to Colson.  They snuggled up under their blankets and enjoyed a few books!  Perfect!

Enjoying every moment.

Oct 15, 2014


The boys know what a big yellow envelope in the mail means!
They know it is for them.
They know it probably has something fun in it!

Yesterday, the boys received a package from Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.  It had some Fall/Halloween goodies in it.  Just the anticipation of opening it was exciting for them!

Colson wanted to open the stickers right away!
They both shared some gummy worms, too!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.  You know how to make Cannon and Colson's day!

Enjoying every moment!

Oct 14, 2014

Afternoon at the Harley Store

We took a trip up to Bellevue to Sebastian's store so Chris could meet wit him.  We enjoyed doing something different and hanging out at the store.  Sebastian was cooking lunch for everyone, so we got to eat some good food and browse the store.  The boys had fun looking at the toys and hiding in the clothing racks.  When Chris met with Sebastian, the boys parked themselves on the floor and played CARS on my phone and ate snacks.  :)

Hard to tell, but that is the boys on the screen!  It's the little things!

This kept the boys busy for quite some time!

Motorcycles.  Lots of them. 

Enjoying every moment. 

Oct 13, 2014

We Are...

We are enjoying these warm fall days and evenings.
We are watching the boys build trucks and trailers with Legos.
We are being silly.
We are always backed up on laundry and folding.
We are glad to have pictures to look through to help us remember.
We are getting up early because that's when Colson wakes up.
We are loving listening to Cannon read.
We are constantly reminding the boys to use an indoor voice.
We are ordering a couple presents for Cannon's birthday.
We are always staying up too late reading.  (Chris and I)
We are picking up toys....again and again and again.
We are telling the boys to go outside and play....the rain is coming!
We are so glad to have each other.
We are a family.
We are loved.

Enjoying every moment.

Oct 7, 2014

Happy Fall Evening

Sunday we took advantage of the beautiful fall evening and headed down the road to the small pumpkin patch by our house.

The boys rode.
Chris and I walked.

We had the pumpkin patch all to ourselves and the boys loved finding the perfect pumpkins.  They tried to lift the giant ones and even posed for some pictures.

It was a great end to a beautiful day!

Enjoying every moment.

Oct 6, 2014


Chris and I took a ride over to Leavenworth for the day this weekend.  The day didn't turn out as fabulous as it sounded...

Cold ride over....really cold.
Weather wasn't the greatest in Leavenworth.
The stores were crowded.
Didn't get to see much.
Missed going to some of the stores and didn't get to browse and relax.
Didn't get to the visit the big pumpkin patch on the way out of town.
Missed dinner.

However, there were some great things about the day...

Got to visit with friends.
Enjoyed a nice motorcycle ride back home.
Shared a very yummy chocolate milkshake.
Listened to an inspiring podcast on the way home.
Enjoyed seeing all of the fall colors.

Looking at the positives.

Enjoying every moment.  

Oct 3, 2014

A Few More Shots From September

Just some random shots from September:

Ice cream is so yummy no matter what time we eat it!

Always building and creating...using him imagination and being a super kid!

A bag that is always full of books and papers and school things.

Glow in the dark hands!  Cannon's glow stick was leaking and he found out his hands were glow in the dark!  What a cool and awesome discovery!

Doing puzzles together before bed!

Enjoying every moment.