Dec 20, 2014

Ugly Sweater Day

Ugly Sweater Day.
Lots of laughs.
Great spirit.
Too funny!
Great memories.
Staff team building.
The students love it!

Mountain Meadow is a great place to be!
Enjoying every moment!

A Little Holiday Fun!

The week before Winter Break is always an exciting time.  The kids are on a high and really, so are the teachers.  I think we are just trying to survive until Friday at 3:25!  The last days of break this year were chalk full of activities.

It's been a tradition at Mt. Meadow to have a Winter Workshop for all of the kids.  The teachers and may support staff each open their rooms for kids to complete a craft.  Students sign up and then for an hour, we each have about 20 or less kids of all ages doing a craft.  It's a great memory for the students, who love to head out of their classrooms and go somewhere else.  I had a good group of kids who were very mellow.  They all worked hard on their craft.  We had Christmas music playing and then finished the hour off with a holiday story.  Good times.

My Winter Workshop group working on their trees.  They also made a reindeer. 

My third graders holding up their projects.  Some of them didn't have theirs back yet because they were drying!  

 Cannon signed up for Mrs. Timberman's project.  They made Elf Donuts out of cheerios.  He loved it and wants to make more at home!

Enjoying every moment!

Dec 15, 2014

A Night Away

Saturday night was The Truss Company Christmas party.  This is a fun event because it's held at the Tulalip Casino and the company pays for our room for the night, too.  The casino is nice for those who like to gamble (and smell like smoke).  The hotel is amazing and the rooms are fabulous.  Chris and I use this time as a night off from kids.  We love being away, even if only for one night, enjoying ourselves while the kids have a great time with Granny Joy.

The Christmas party was very nice and of course, the food was superb.  That is one of the best parts...a meal where you are waited on and don't have to clean up a thing!  This year, they had raffle prizes to give away.  There was quite a few prizes including gift cards, booze, wine, some small technology things, and a treat basket.  The grand prize was a 42" flat screen TV.  It was fun anticipating our number being drawn....which it eventually was.  Chris got a nice basket with some fancy treats (truffles, chocolate almonds, cookies, etc.)  I got a gift card to Red Robin.  We didn't win the TV, but that's okay!

What a nice overnight stay.  We relaxed.  We watched some TV.  We enjoyed the Christmas party.  I didn't have to clean, do laundry or make any meals!

Enjoying every moment.

Dec 13, 2014

The Simple Life

I've written about this before but it's worth noting again...

As I reflect on the busyness of this time of year, I'm so very thankful for the simple things.
It's these "things" that make us happy.
These simple times....moments....activities....are what we remember.
It's who were are as a family.
They are calming and bring us back to what's really important.
These times are what we are thankful for each night as we are counting our blessings.

Cannon and Chris reading his library book.  It was a HUGE book 
about how things work.  They were reading about how an engine works.

Colson asked for a veggie tray.  How can you say no to that!?
He climbed on the counter and ate off the plate as I was 
making it!  He must have been hungry!

Cannon doesn't like his picture taken.  So when I can get him to 
stop and pose for an impromptu picture, I am a happy camper!  

Hanging out together on the living room floor.  Colson likes to 
scroll through the photos on our phones...and so do we!  
Cannon playing the tablet.  

Enjoying every moment.

Dec 11, 2014

A Bit of Teacher Fun

We have staff meetings about every Tuesday.  This year, we have been starting off those meetings with about 10 minutes of fun.  Each team takes turns leading an ice breaker.  It's a great way to finish a long day teaching before settling into some adult learning.  This past Tuesday was the third grade teams turn to lead the ice breaker.  We took advantage of the holiday season and had groups decorate a Christmas tree...a human Christmas tree.  They had 10 minutes and only a few supplies:  scissors, 10 sticky notes, three straws, 4 inches of tape and a roll of crepe paper.  It was such a fun activity to participate in!  There was a lot of laughs!

Enjoying every moment!

Dec 8, 2014

Colson's Field Trip

Colson had a field trip to Expressions, a retirement house in Enumclaw. The preschoolers went to two different areas to sing Christmas carols to the residents.  Chris took the morning off and took him.

They have been practicing the Christmas carols for a month now and we've been working on them at home.  Colson was getting pretty good at most of them.  But when it came to singing in front of everyone, he didn't sing one word!

Afterward, everyone met back at the preschool for a visit with Santa.  He had crayons and a coloring book for all of the kids.  Colson was too shy to go sit with him.  Ms. Marilyn brought him up to say hi and get his gift.

Enjoying every moment!

Dec 7, 2014

Christmas Tree Hunting

This was the weekend to get our Christmas tree!  I love this time of year.  The boys are excited for the decorations to go up around the house, the lights to go on outside of the house and finally for the Christmas tree to be put up.

Saturday we headed out to Harter's Tree Farm, which is out in South Prairie.  Brenda Harter used to work at Mountain Meadow for years and years and is now working at Foothills.  She and her family own a small tree farm and I had yet to go out there.  For the past few years we have been getting our tree from the farm down the street, which is wonderful.  But I was happy to do something different this year.

The tree farm is small, but big enough to have a good choice.  It wasn't overwhelming. The grounds weren't muddy so it was easy for us to go tromping all over the place and not get totally dirty.  We walked around and checked out many trees.  The boys found a lot they liked.  Colson picked out a HUGE one.  Then found all of the tiny ones!  We finally found one and I think it's my favorite tree from the past few years.  I love the size and shape.  It's perfect.

The boys even got to say hi to Santa.  We enjoyed some hot cocoa and candy canes before we loaded up and headed home.  And just in time, too.  The rain started to fall as we were leaving.

I finished decorating it late Saturday night and was excited for the boys to see it when they got up Sunday morning.  They both loved it and Colson was very happy!  Cannon was a bit disappointed because I didn't wait for him to help.  Note to self for next year:  The boys must be awake when decorating the tree!  Cannon quickly got over it and helped with watering it and then they moved on to played with toys.

So excited for this holiday season!  It's my favorite.

Enjoying every moment.