Apr 24, 2016


We are living life.  Routines are what we thrive on, but we love having times where there is nothing planned and we get to make our own choices.  Spring is here and we are enjoying some warmer weather.  Spring also means that we are getting closer to the end of the school year and we all can't wait for that!

Until then, here are some pictures from our 'life.'

Traffic in a small town caused by the dairy cows crossing the street.

The boys helped me pull weeds and haul them to the side yard.  They also helped put the weed and feed down.

Sunny, warm weather meant ice cream!  Why not eat it naked?!  Colson didn't think there was anything wrong with that!

We often see The Truss Company trucks on the road.  Here was one loaded down!

Laundry.  Never ending.  But it is what it is.  Everyone knows where to go if they can't find something in their drawers!

This was Cannon's creation.  He wanted peanut butter, jelly and chocolate chips on the heal!

Colson playing at the library while I grabbed some books.  

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 17, 2016

More From Arizona!

We had a lot of fun while on vacation in Arizona.  Mostly, it was relaxing.  The extend of the plans for most days was to go to the pool.  I read, and finished 4 books!  The boys played and swam and played and swam.  Chris sat in the sun.  It was a perfect trip.  

Colson loves puzzles and Grandma had some for him to put together.  He ended up putting together 4 total and then taking them apart and putting them together over and over again!  

Cannon graduated to Grandma's bike.  He loved riding around the neighborhood and down the arroyo.  I loved walking with him, taking in the sights and the warm weather.

Mom and I went and had pedicures.  We did this last year, too.  I think this may be a tradition.  One well worth it!  Relaxing!

A few games of Go Fish before bed time!

Colson and Cannon spent some time coloring a sheet from Auntie's coloring book.  They both worked very hard on their pages and I am totally impressed by how well they each did!  Masterpieces!

Beautiful flowering cactus.  Love the landscaping around here.

Tired boy.  This happens every once in awhile, after a longish trip.

Cannon with his new golf clubs.  Grandma is going to have to give him some lessons.  Cannon was sad not to be able to bring the clubs home with us on the plane.  They are coming back with Grandpa and Grandma in their car.

Good times!
Enjoying every moment.

Apr 16, 2016

Arizona Bike Week

Arizona Bike Week happened to be at the same time we were visiting for Spring Break.  Bike Week is in the Phoenix area so Chris, Karin and I got away for two days to check things out.  It wasn't the same in a car, however!  It would have been nice to be on a bike and take part in some of the rides that were planned.

We saw a Harley drill team who performed some good maneuvers.  I know it's hard to see in this picture.  

We had a good time walking up and down every isle, checking things out, trying things on, buying some things and passing on many things.  Karin was too funny in these old fashioned goggles!

Some motocross riders put on a great show jumping their bikes and doing tricks.  It was cool to be so close.  They do some amazing stunts!

We watched both bands that played on the first night of Bike Week.  Blackberry Smoke played first and they were great.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played next.  They were good too...and have been around forever!  We didn't stay to hear all of their set.

We were tired, but sure did have a good time.

Enjoying every moment.

Apr 10, 2016

Pool Time! (Arizona style)

The pool is always a major hit when we go to Arizona.  It wasn't long after we arrived at mom and dads that our swimsuits were on and we were headed to the pool!

Colson has really improved his swimming ability with lessons and he loved swimming all over.  He practice a lot without his life jacket and was swimming pretty far on his own!  With the life jacket, he was ever so confident.  Swimming everywhere and jumping off the side over and over again.

Cannon was a fish and would have swam hours more each day if we would have let him.  He was perfecting his crawl stroke and showing off how good he was at his backstroke.  He was also working on diving, which looks easy, but is tough to do!

It was so fun to watch the boys have fun in the pool.  They loved to play with the floaties, do cannonballs, be thrown by dad and just play!  They smiled and smiled and smiled.  So did we.

Enjoying every moment.

Easter Fun

We had a nice, relaxing Easter weekend.  It was nice to not have plans...to stay home and be on our own schedule.

The boys had fun opening an Easter/birthday package from Auntie Kanga.  They received some fun Easter things and of course, candy!  They promptly hid it from Chris and I so they could eat it on their own!  Colson got some cool Legos and a shirt for his birthday.  He opened the Legos right away and started to build.

Dying Easter eggs was really fun and the boys had a good time mixing colors and deciding which eggs would go in which color...and how long to leave them in for.

The boys Easter baskets.  (More like Easter bags this year.)

Enjoying every moment!

Mar 27, 2016

Random Shots

Here are some random shots from the week:

I have a couple of wiggly boys in my classroom and my student teacher shared a picture of a wiggle chair she saw in action at another school.  I showed the picture to Chris and he made me a custom chair.  This was a huge help for this student and it worked great!  Thank you to my amazing and talented husband for making this.  Now, we need another one!  

Colson flourished in swimming lessons this session at the YMCA!  He was tentative and unsure the first week.  He didn't like to dunk his head and was scared to jump off the side (because he had slipped last time.)  Well in 6 weeks, Colson's confidence surged.  His swim teacher was fabulous.  She was so positive and taught them in a way they could relate and understand.  By the end of the session, Colson was jumping really far out the his teacher, floating on his back, dunking his head without holding his nose, using the kick board independently and beginning to swim on his own!  What a difference!  We are so proud of him! 

The third graders at our school received a visit from the Enumclaw Kiwanas where each of the students received dictionaries.  This was a huge hit for the kids.  (And it meant a lot to the three older gentleman, too!)  The three classes were very well behaved, asked good questions and then were incredibly excited for their dictionaries!  

The sun has been peeking out here and there even though we've had mostly rain this past month.  The boys were able to enjoy some outdoor time and decorated the driveway with chalk!  It's the little things!

The boys playing at the new property with the neighbor boy, Collin.  Collin and Cannon played for hours Saturday.  I think they will be good friends.  

Colson was a tired boy after a long day.  He fell asleep about 30 seconds before pulling into the driveway!  

Enjoying every moment.

Mar 20, 2016

New Property

We've been working on the new property...finally!

Friday, Chris and Cannon put a culvert in, so now we have a driveway!  They also started pulling some downed and branches trees out to burn.  Saturday, Chris and Cannon spent the day out there and Colson and I were out there for half the day working on clearing some of the wood and brush.  We had a fire going and I spent three straight hours hauling wood to the fire.  Chris cut down a few trees and he and Cannon pulled out some big stumps.  There is quite a large pile of logs to cut up and take to Mayfield Lake. It felt good to accomplish something there.  We are looking forward to seeing more small changes as we now have the excavator to help us expedite the process.  Cannon is very good on the excavator and would be on it all day if he could.  Now, we just need to sell the Hood Canal place.  Everything will move along after that.  Fingers crossed we can clean up that property soon and get it back on the market.

Enjoying every moment.