Mar 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Photos From February

Colson doesn't like to take baths or showers.  He whines and cries every time we tell him he has to take one.  On this day, he ended up in the kitchen sink.  I honestly can't remember why, but he did get somewhat clean, minus washing his hair.  I'll take it as a win!

Harley dog is always somewhere near.  Usually, she is on our lap or right next to where we are sitting. She does like to play with her toys, but often, she is snuggling up with us.

Cannon is still practicing his crocheting with red yarn auntie got him. I find little crocheted "things" all over the house!

Almost daily, the boys are reading.  Cannon is on the fifth book of The Land of Stories series.  He is loving them.  Colson has words and books that he gets from school just about every day.  When he reads them correctly to a parent at school, he gets another book.  The books are getting longer and have many more words on the page than when he first started.

Mr. Bonn and Cannon have been working on riding the unicycle.  This is as far as Cannon has gotten...holding on to the edge with one hand.  It's a challenge and a bit scary, but as soon as he gets enough courage, it won't take him long to get the hang of it.

Cannon learned to ride the hover board when he was at Landon's house.  It was cool to watch him ride it.  That may be something we need to invest in!

My Monday and Wednesday night instructor, Ciera, is moving to teaching only mornings.  This was her last evening class.  I will miss her!  She kicked my butt over and over and over!
Enjoying every moment.

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