Apr 9, 2017

Cannon's Invention

In Highly Capable the students have been learning about inventions and studying the people behind inventions and innovations.  For their final project, each student has to invent or innovate something and present it to the class.

Cannon has developed many inventions in his mind.  He has talked about them and drawn some out. One he recently developed was a sled puller.  He came up with this over Christmas break when we were sledding at Grandma and Grandma's house.  He created the idea in his head and then talked about it with Chris.  Later, he wrote out some ideas.

Fast forward a few months and here we have Cannon's idea!  Chris and Cannon worked hard on this and we are creating a presentation board, too.  In a couple of weeks, Cannon will be presenting his invention to the HiC class.  (He's very nervous!)

So amazing!
Enjoying every moment.

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