Jul 15, 2017

Last Week of School

Last week of school!  This is always an exciting time of year for all of the kids, and the teachers, too! This week was packed full of awards assemblies, BBQ, field day and Walk a Thon.  

I was out at field day with Cannon's class and was able to watch here and there.  

BBQ hot dog for lunch!

Happy that it's almost the end of the school year!

Colson enjoying himself with his classmates during field day.

Colson and Preston.

Colson's team must have won!

Reading awards and posters for Cannon!

Achievement awards for both boys!

Walk a Thon.  Each lap = 1 bracelet

Signing year books with all of the 3rd graders.

Traditional last day photos.  I love that I started this tradition!  They are both getting so big.

Love this week and here comes summer!

Enjoying every moment.

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